Good independent operation Lazada and Tmall play together how

in April this year, Alibaba bought more than half of Lazada shares, although the beginning is strongly emphasized will operate independently, but recently it was reported that, Lazada and Tmall in the platform, logistics and payment system and other aspects of the depth of cooperation, the two sides will plough the field of cross-border electricity supplier next year.

anonymity Lazada executives to billion state power network that currently is the integration of Alibaba and the Lazada, in the "practicing internal strength" stage. However, the degree of integration of the two to what extent? How to achieve the ultimate goal? Alibaba after the acquisition of Lazada, the discussion on the fate of the latter is broadly divided into the following five dimensions:

1 profit: do you want to continue to burn


2 mode: proprietary or platform?

3 Merchants: how to get more goods and merchant resources?

4 Lazada logistics and payment: logistics, payment system and the Alibaba’s rookie network, Alipay will

how to co-exist?

5 for China and Southeast Asian sellers, the integration of the two means what?

billion state power network contacted Lazada official, Rocket Internet executives, Southeast generation operators and domestic sellers, in-depth analysis of it:

Liuhe one should stop bleeding

Lazada losing money is not a secret, starting from the first quarter of fiscal year 2016, Lazada financial situation is no longer included in the Rocket Internet earnings, so Ali acquired after the performance of Lazada is unknown. Based on past earnings, from fiscal year 2013 to fiscal year 2015, although the net income of a stride forward singing militant songs, were $75 million 500 thousand, $154 million, $275 million, but its operating profit margin continued losses were $67 million 900 thousand, $150 million, $329 million.

The fundamental reason for the loss of

lies in the pattern of Lazada. First, the Southeast Asian market is relatively dispersed, national culture, language, economic conditions are not unified, the establishment of an independent Lazada site in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam in six major ASEAN countries, Indonesia and Thailand as the core of the market;

second, because the electricity supplier as a whole is still not developed, Lazada spent a lot of effort in the country to establish electricity supplier ecology, including self payment, logistics system, training users online shopping habits.

The capital loss

mode to Lazada caused by Rocket Internet is very obvious, wayward burn also suffering investors criticized. The deal was announced at the beginning of the external evaluation without the money, Rocket Internet and Lazada are "welcome rain after a long drought". According to Retail New>

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