Baidu has launched an attack from the courier channel to Taobao

a few days ago, when the company went upstairs to take delivery, the way to help colleagues also took a, surprised to find that the express list, was printed with "Baidu has ah" Logo and colleagues is the goods purchased from Taobao.

Baidu has ah and Taobao are C2C mall, since last year, Baidu launched the service, and Taobao’s quarrel constantly, first is the Taobao shield Baidu search, Baidu said Taobao will start fooling, therefore "nightmare in the evening playing hidden cat" and vitality, in the face of the United States to shareholders, have to honestly admit Baidu, originally to help Taobao’s small, Taobao is still the "emotional stability". The second half of last year, the Sanlu incident, Baidu PR documents were exposed, once again caused a slobber war, the parent company of Baidu and Taobao Alibaba and Alibaba from obvious, morally or from public relations, are far better than Baidu.

Baidu has been launched so far, has not been lukewarm, Tencent pat can be through the QQ client, constantly hanging appetite. While Baidu, only posted a promotional advertising on its Web site, an affair in the web search ranking with at most in. Now, Baidu has ah using express channel advertising into the internal Taobao in the last mile secretly, as the "Southern Weekend" have made a sensational news, after being exposed in the stalls, the enterprise first time all bought newspapers; as Chinese Unicom advertising, the children said to her mother, "the young man with the new brand, China Mobile should have already changed", followed by the same actor, the mother to the child said "the old brand is reliable".

Baidu has ah in the promotion of fatigue, through the express channel to do promotion, both helpless, but also a wonderful lift. Baidu can even participate in the acquisition of private equity or courier companies, through cheap way to attract users to use Taobao, and ultimately achieve the purpose of branding. feeds

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