CCTV to join the four major trends in e-commerce industry trend

e-commerce "national team" and a new action. CCTV’s CNTV (Chinese network television) will be 22 this month officially launched e-commerce business CNTV mall, the business has been low-key beta, the main products to provide navigation services. Electricity supplier national team’s new action on this industry will have what kind of impact on the electricity supplier industry will be a new development trend?.

national team new action affects geometry?

according to CNTV insiders, CNTV mall will join a number of media and e-commerce companies to set up an Internet information anti false alliance, and regulate and standardize e-commerce environment. At present, the main push CNTV mall navigation, navigation, navigation and other business covers group purchase hot e-commerce site links, including special channels of CCTV’s QVC Company in shopping. In addition, the mall has reached a partnership with Jingdong mall, intime network, Haier and other electricity supplier companies and entities.

in fact, this is not the first time the test of e-commerce e-commerce. Last September, CNTV and Chinese complete electronic chamber of Commerce signed a strategic cooperation, is expected to enter the 3C online shopping platform; in August this year, "deep throat electricity supplier" said Gong Wenxiang vice president of Huaqiang North online broke the news that the CCTV website recruitment chief technology officer.

from the current point of view, the community has been fully aware of the great potential of e-commerce, the national team to force the trend of e-commerce has become increasingly evident. Before on-line COFCO I bought net main food online shopping areas; Chinese postal group teamed up with TOM B2C "on-line merchandise ule". Compared to several state-owned enterprises, CCTV has the resources are not bad, therefore, it is only a matter of time to enter the field of electricity providers.

therefore, the new action for the national team, the industry is most concerned about its electricity supplier industry, as well as the private sector in the field will have what kind of impact.

iResearch e-commerce analyst Sun Chonghui said, compared to private enterprises from scratch in state-owned enterprises because of its abundant resources in certain areas, it has inherent advantages in this regard, private enterprise is indeed hard to hold a candle. But state-owned enterprises also have some disadvantages. The electricity supplier in the field of information perplexing, enterprises need to have this opportunity transient, market sensitivity, highly flexible management system, on the one hand, private enterprises have more advantages. Therefore, the national team in order to share the cake from the market, only a congenital advantage is not enough, but also the day after tomorrow’s efforts.

in addition, in recent years, online shopping, online shopping consumer rights market rules has become a new problem facing electricity industry development, and the national team to help promote the introduction of the system, the fundamental benefit of this industry norms and healthy development.

electricity supplier industry presents new trends

from the current market trend, the electricity supplier industry is a huge market opportunities. In 2010

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