Market opportunities can be fresh electricity providers can really survive the robbery


reporter Wang Hai

open the phone App, select the required vegetables, meat, fruits, etc., the next day there is a door-to-door delivery.

this is a scene for young people living in big cities in china. But in the seemingly full of business opportunities in the fresh market, many businesses did not make money.

at the beginning of April, a notice of liquidation let East China well-known fresh electricity fell in the C round of financing on the eve of the 77 has become delicious since 2012 since the collapse of the first wave of fresh electricity, heavy asset mode of fresh electricity supplier.

recently, Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Kellogg family treasure treasure") announced the acquisition of 77 brand assets and delicious. The founder of the first Gaobibu Kellogg Bao financial reporter revealed that 77 delicious suspended operations, had contacted a number of fresh electricity providers seeking to buy, but did not reach an agreement. Kellogg Alipay for the delicious food 77 of the purchase money, the other will be arranged to repay the suppliers and other stakeholders. But because of too much debt, Gaobibu said: "can not be completely cashed".

as of press time, the first financial reporter failed to dial 77 telephone chief executive officer delicious delicious 77 MI, vice president Zheng Luojie, two people, two people to send text messages do not reply.

is the first investment in China’s electricity supplier Amazon fresh, delicious 77 B round of financing of $20 million, then start the operation mode of heavy assets built cold chain logistics, processing center, but not in the build profit model, the lack of capital in the case of blood transfusion, 77 were eventually able to escape the fate of the acquisition of delicious.

The story of

snake swallow

on the purchase price, Kellogg treasure brand director Rui Min told the first financial reporter, is currently commissioned third party asset liquidation of delicious 77, after the completion of liquidation to the valuation, the main value is the delicious 77 brand influence in the Yangtze River Delta region and the accumulation of user resources.

food 77 was founded in 2011, by the U.S. Amazon, become the capital, Zhengda Group has invested US $42 million, is well-known in the whole category of fresh electricity supplier in the Yangtze River delta. 77 delicious before suspend business has accumulated 3 million users, while the family treasure is a whole category of O2O fresh electricity supplier, in September 2014 officially launched, covering the Shanghai Pudong area, has tens of thousands of registered users. Therefore, family treasure to buy delicious 77 is also being viewed as Tunxiang behavior. In this regard, Gaobibu Kellogg said, "if 77 treasure to buy delicious, can be done one year ahead of development; do not pick up a hot potato".

in April 7th this year, the delicious 77 suddenly announced that due to funding strand breaks and closed down the site, resulting in tens of thousands of users nearly 6 million prepaid card can not exchange, nearly 20 million suppliers unable to repay, and hundreds of unemployed workers.

family treasure to buy delicious 77, will retain this.

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