Secret cross border electricity supplier how he bought the real fast rise of cheap

at the beginning of 2016, raging like a storm of cross-border electricity supplier in the field of cross-border electricity supplier such as Jingdong, comprehensive global purchase thriving, vertical type of cross-border electricity providers such as weita purchase, but talent shows itself quickly occupied the market.

in a number of cross-border electronic business platform, he started late – dimensional purchase in early 2015 officially launched operations; opened in March the United States and Hongkong supply; April low price promotion, quickly grab a large number of users; the October international company, to carry out a comprehensive cross-border business; the end of the year settled Shop No. 1 overseas purchase, purchase, Jingdong Su Ninghai purchased platform. 16 years have been opened in Australia, Germany, New Zealand and other regions, through the bonded warehouse, bonded direct mail run parallel.


cheap mystery: not only subsidies

The importance of

goods is the first. A problem of cross-border electricity supplier industry began to face the most is brand licensing, especially high-end brands in Japan, Europe and the United States, the China commercial channels to choose carefully; or, some companies simply don’t have direct authority to Chinese dealers precedent.

He chose to purchase

dimensional cross-border electricity supplier of health products of the vertical field, inseparable from its advantages and industry background, this has to a certain extent, help the dimension he received numerous overseas purchase health products brand authorization. And because of these advantages, he bought a lot of hard to get the exclusive agent authorized, and direct cooperation with the brand side, saving the complex intermediate links.

is well known, the most expensive electricity supplier is the flow of resources. However, the purchase Vita had no such trouble, because he purchased the dimension attribute content driven, a large number of users through the purchase of health information provided by the Vita awareness, understanding and recognition dimension he purchase, saving most of the advertising costs, direct subsidies to the user, in the provision of health products for users at the same time, also provide health knowledge, actually provides a set of targeted health solutions for the user, package parcel tax policy is to allow users to purchase the identity of weita raised more than one grade.


focus on health products, positioning boutique

the idea of a lot of entrepreneurs is to cross the border as a springboard, eventually won a share of Chinese retail. But how to jump, but also look at the various skills, the idea that he bought the idea is positioned as a kind of nutrition and health care boutique electricity supplier, select the brand and products for the user to select the world’s best nutrition and health care products.

although the nutrition and health care products of all ages are user needs, but the dimension at each stage of his purchase will focus on categories, such as the current in the maternal and child class nutrition and health care products, on the one hand is because safety is a major driving force of sea Amoy users, on the other hand is to maternal nutrition and health needs of people a huge market, seize the maternal population, will seize the most nutritious health crowd.

he bought the selection of electricity supplier positioning, but also reflected in its website >

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