35 cosmetics companies were named, ah, the sea to buy goods more at ease

women in order to have good skin, always at all costs to try various remedies, which also contains a lot of reliable micro cosmetics, taking many from the circle of friends, those with a white, with a bottle of Zhidou under the banner of the skin care cosmetic products, many women hurt.

In 2014,

earned a pot full of micro businesses, after a contraction of 2015 depression, and recently encountered a new trouble.

January 9th, Guangdong province food and Drug Administration issued a notice of cosmetics production enterprises supervision and inspection results, the sampling of the 118 cosmetics production enterprises found in 35 did not fulfill the responsibility for quality and safety, and micro business famous brand ten year old beauty and Si Bu group included Tyler beauty brand.

5 domestic non special purpose cosmetics

Guangzhou ten year old beauty biotechnology limited company checks, record filing data are lack of product safety risk assessment report; 2 domestic non special purpose cosmetics cosmetics Co. Ltd. Guangzhou Tyler checks, product labeling is not standardized. The two companies have been ordered to rectify the Guangzhou food and drug administration. In addition, NIVEA, Guangzhou HOUDY Group Co. Ltd. and other 33 companies were also named.

from the web into a micro business, a short time staged riches myth "stories" It is often seen. In April last year by the exposure of 90 "net red" Zhou Menghan is the lesson of blood, she returned to create a white Formica image in the circle of friends, the number of accumulated 100 thousand fans selling mask, claiming the annual income of nearly 8 digits. While her three mask made some buyers almost ruined.

The same

derivative industry operation mode, take a tall on the name, the design of a big international and close packing, and business registration, buy ready-made mask OEM production, no development, no matter quality. Mask production costs and packaging costs are very low, generally around 2 yuan, but the tall on the product after the circle of friends through the layers of agents doubled the price, the lowest price of the hand may have reached $30.

styled women tend to see a high price was outrageous, that really is what everyone knows himself with a ready-made panacea, poisonous mask, wasting money not to say, finally destroyed the face The loss outweighs the gain.. Beauty skin care products, on the one hand, we must choose a safe brand, on the other hand, choose a reliable channel. As I usually use only the Japanese and Korean products, Japan because of its national cultural background, the production of skin care products has always been a natural and safe, very suitable for Asian women’s skin. South Korea as Asia’s fashion cosmetics brand benchmarking, though not much, but the makeup of the natural permeability is legendary.



and reliable channels, with the rise of the sea Amoy website, homes will be able to buy foreign products. Choose a safe sea Amoy platform is very important. I usually choose to buy APP in the sea to buy Beauty skin care products

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