The analysis of Taobao, new egg, Eslite and other sites of double-edged sword

product innovation is an old topic, and then, like a lot of truth, as we all know, but often do when you forget the warning.

, along with the development of network, the number of Internet users is 3 more than the absolute is the concept of a mouth drooling with greed.

Jingdong, crowding Gome Suning, is inevitable, just like the occupation of the online shopping market rather than C2C B2C.


mall is very familiar with the online shopping mall, sales of 3C products is the same as with the usual Newegg Jingdong Mall features and selling points. Of course, in addition to POP, Jingdong mall logistics system and ERP system called the domestic first-class bar. But there are many online posts and scold, is worth to pay attention to and even the mall – Jingdong.

often talk about the leading talent for hundreds of years, in fact, the reason is often not keep up with the times of the product and even the field, often because of the lack of innovation and enterprising attitude and mind led to the demise of. Gates is the most typical business operation to abdicate the throne himself to do. Even though Ballmer’s approach is sometimes unacceptable to Gates, it is often the case with Mr Mo Yan. It requires the wisdom of the mind and the self. It takes a lot of courage to deny the value and idea of the self.

to do our products, in the enterprise and product to do a certain degree of time, often need is also the self denial of the mind can even be said to be self-cultivation. When I saw the mall Jingdong shocked when selling Adult supplies, then the clue, found the original Jingdong mall has been doing a variety of roads has for a long time, from the market for men’s shirts to ladies straps, shoes and so on, reminiscent of the way dangdang.

noise is a taboo, said the following. See more newegg. Such as happy to buy, Le bee network, valley of love is the nature of the cause, rather than the transformation of the dictates.

product innovation requires persistence, rather than a short one-time. Tang Jun said, Microsoft is the only constant it has been changing.

to give members a sense of freshness and do not leave the positioning of the product itself. The value of the positioning itself is very high, it is natural because the audience is impetuous, the positioning of your product is often in his / her first contact on the next good.

net return it done well, shining inspiration the ark,, VANCL, Newegg, etc. indicate the site support, return to the network member businesses can obtain 5%-25% cash back the temptation is flashing point. Naturally, the use of POP is to consider each product operator. Flashing more, more natural method.

appreciates Tang Jun’s high profile modesty, humorous sincerity. The only thing he says is that Microsoft has been changing, a person or a business to do is often a new goal and height. Gates knows his limitations and the old methods are often unable to adapt to the new environment. A >

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