NetEase also do sea Amoy, this time to find a Japanese company

you do not know, NetEase has a sea Amoy site, called " koala sea Amoy ".

is a domestic consumers increasingly strong demand for scouring the sea, on the other hand, the yen exchange rate continued to decline, buy Japanese goods is becoming a good choice now. In addition to the domestic sea Amoy platform, the Japanese local enterprises to see business opportunities.

recently, Japan’s second big trading company Mitsui announced cooperation and portal site by their own NetEase, through its subsidiary Mitsui food and Toho bussan will include baby supplies, cosmetics and household appliances exports have to simplify customs procedures of cross-border e-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone "in Hangzhou and Ningbo free trade zone. NetEase in the next batch of goods, the use of tax returns to reduce the cost of 20% – the cost of the warehouse, and then received orders in the network, direct delivery from the warehouse.


volume established in 1876 is large, the current business scope including steel, textile, machinery and the import and export trade. In 1980, it came to Beijing to set up China’s first office, and now its number of firms in the country has reached 14 and there are more than and 110 joint ventures, wholly owned companies.

Mitsui system, one composed of its 26 major companies in the "two trees", which is the Oji Paper, TOYOTA, Toshiba, Mitsui shipbuilding, Mitsukoshi Department Store in. So this is not often heard of Japanese companies is in fact very hard big background.

in China partners on this side, they chose in most people’s minds and scouring the sea do not touch the NetEase. In fact, at the beginning of this year, NetEase launched a name outside the koala sea Amoy new website. But during the beta, also held a "diaper Carnival" promotional activities. While the Japanese products will become the sea Amoy website’s flagship product, this also let it and Mitsui cooperation is not difficult to explain.

currently, NetEase portal has 800 million users, online games, 600 million users. This value is large, but how to mobilize them to the koala sea Amoy, and in 2016 to complete the 800 billion yen sales, it seems not an easy thing.

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