Jiangsu introduction of cross-border electricity supplier supervision push negative list

for cross-border e-commerce development, but the actual problem of quality supervision and lack of outstanding products, Jiangsu inspection and Quarantine Bureau recently formulated the "Jiangsu cross-border e-commerce inspection and quarantine supervision and management measures (Trial)", and in Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi to determine the pilot area, while maintaining quality and safety, and promote trade facilitation.

"measures" provisions, inspection and Quarantine of cross-border e-commerce, the establishment of "enterprise registration, goods declaration, quality traceability regulatory system, the implementation of the" declaration, inspection, quality letter of credit evaluation, classification regulation, rapid nuclear, quality traceability for classification regulation model. Inspection and quarantine agencies through cross-border e-commerce service platform for cross-border electricity supplier business filing, commodity reporting, regulatory release, etc..

export commodities to implement the full reporting system, operating enterprises through cross-border e-commerce supervision service platform, to the inspection and quarantine agencies to declare the name of the commodity, HS code, order number, consignee and other information. Imports of pre declaration, inspection of import and export commodities are concentrated on a monthly basis handle the formalities of application for inspection, the inspection and quarantine agencies centralized Customs clearance form.

to speed up customs clearance, inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Jiangsu, the implementation of cross-border e-commerce export to quarantine regulation, upon inspection of the goods. Note that the investigation that put. Goods that are not qualified for verification, inspection and quarantine shall be ordered to be returned or destroyed.

"procedures" also stipulates that the implementation of negative list management of cross-border e-commerce transactions in the import and export commodities, all included in the "People’s Republic of China prohibited, mailed animal and plant products and other quarantine objects list", "prohibited from animal epidemic countries / regions of the input of animals and animal products list", "catalog of hazardous chemicals" goods, solid waste, special items and other goods CBRN items, laws and regulations prohibit the entry and exit, shall not be included in the scope of cross-border e-commerce.

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