EBay removed Google AdWords paid advertising

      time on June 14th, according to foreign media reports, eBay recently in the U.S. market under the Google AdWords advertising system in the withdrawal of all paid search advertising. The industry believes that the move can be seen as the relationship between the two Internet companies will be more intense signal.

eBay spokesman Daltz (Hani Durzy Hanni ·) said, this removed from AdWords advertising only for the American market, the same business in other markets is not affected. Daltz said that the company is based on the choice of advertising sites and marketing funds to consider the budget made the decision. However, sources said, eBay move is a strong response to Google plans to hold eBay sellers protest rally.

eBay stipulates that sellers are not allowed to use Google Checkout network payment system, some sellers have considerable views. EBay is scheduled to hold the annual meeting of the eBay Live sellers in Boston on Thursday, and Google has decided to hold a eBay seller protest rally at the same time and at the same location. Sources said that the current eBay executives are meeting to assess the impact of Google’s plan may be affected. EBay previously said that the use of Google Checkout sellers are not many, Google believes that eBay is in the protection of its Paypal network support system.

Daltz said the decision to withdraw from the eBay AdWords and the protest rally between Google is not directly related, but he acknowledged that the internal eBay of Google’s move is very. He said: Google chose to hold a protest rally during the eBay Live conference, which should not be a normal move made by a partner." After Google launched Checkout and Google Base classified information platform, the relationship between the company and eBay has been more tense.

Daltz also said that the company is on the withdrawal of the AdWords to assess the situation, there is no timetable for the development of AdWords may have been drawn.

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