Business case petition how to break the single product project

introduction: Internet business has a piece of the Red Sea, but we can seek a breakthrough from a point of local life services, and the use of Internet tools and Internet marketing means to make this point continue to enlarge.

text / Peng Chengjing (micro signal: pcj418)

some time ago entrepreneurs have found me, said he was doing a single product project venture, asked me if there is no possibility of success. I can not directly say or not, but give him two examples, are starting from a single category: a business companion – Westwood sell cold noodle, another has 4 years of accumulation of cool fruit selling Fresh Fruit Platter. The story also reminds me of another Internet stir repeatedly single project and not the West master hamburger, but a single product will do the marketing of Huang Taiji: an original street stalls business, with a series of changes in service package on the tall light luxury goods. So today to say the theme is: the Internet era, how to break a single product


listen to me before I finish these two examples.

Nishiki Rhan: cold noodle can also be made as delicate gift to

Westwood companion was founded by two IT men, want to optimize a takeaway street stalls business made a white-collar woman cold noodle. Currently only cover Beijing Jianwai SOHO. Users through the WeChat service number under the single (text input address and cell phone number, where the voice is clear and contact phone), the back of the order received by the customer after confirmation of distribution. Marketing promotion methods are: (1) with different product cooperation – and related food and beverage cooperation, with sales. For example, and some desserts, drinks, for white-collar women. (2) to distribute leaflets, but the conversion rate is very low, probably in the 2/1000; (3) physical stores, which is a natural fixed hard wide; (4) settled takeaway platform (channel promotion), similar to the radius of life, easy Amoy food platform.

has several remarkable places: one is to choose the cold noodle category, in the north, especially the northwest is still relatively common, not narrow the coverage; two is the product of the final presentation is fine, because this is the only allows users to see what is the taste in three; do not optimize the quality of the dishes, it is food the core; four is as much as possible on the view of users to experience a product, such as packing box with a mint, the customer eating cold noodle containing a mint, fresh feeling; five delivery is relatively simple, the finished product packaging after the cold noodle basically no longer do two times the processing, directly to the user by the hands of logistics (Chinese fast food after receiving the order will be finished or finished dishes two times heating do distribution processing).

is currently facing the problem: (1) the seasonal fluctuation of the cold noodle, summer is the peak season in the winter, or when the weather is cool, sales will naturally decline; (2) high cost, a product from the packaging, cold noodle, chopsticks, dishes, staple food cold noodle seasoning packet, etc. the strange. Delivery price of 15 yuan / share, and requires 30 yuan to send, so the price of ordinary consumers, still.

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