n those years, we sought after the big Taobao C

titanium media note: in the era of big V infested, we talk about big C. Big C is big C2C sellers.

did not do not admit that Taobao is a Taobao arena, ten years, legend about the Taobao store by the media and consumers talk beyond count.

and the new generation of Taobao users who basically did not have the opportunity to those big sellers began to start from the grassroots hard history of understanding. Now, you can name the C seller (larger C2C sellers, reputation value will reach the golden crown above) there are several


until 2010, when a lot of people do not see, taobao.com hot spawned a large number of Taobao crown sellers, commonly known as the "C". Since 2008, after the formation of Taobao mall, many large sellers began to lose their aura gradually. Around 2010, these big C who suffered a crisis, with well-known brands settled in Taobao Mall (now Tmall) they began to feel the pressure of sales, but also gradually began to adjust business strategy.

according to the time of the media reports, many representative C sellers sense of crisis has been very obvious, they began to change from the category number, sales strategy, cultivating their own shops, from extensive sellers to fine operation, while admiring the resources of B2C, while it tries to maintain the C2C camp user. Today’s competition has been very different from three years ago. The consumer market is so big cake, flow decline, peers are drained, become a source of large C sellers anxiety.

look at the titanium media authors, partners, the seller published analysis, re edited by titanium media.

Taobao big C, a symbol of the era can not be copied.

lemon, Green Tea small perfume, xinla T, through the city of angels, seven princess is one of the representative. These from scratch legend sellers, experienced numerous in the development of the electricity supplier, amidst the winds of change, often on a key point, to survive the next section of the road, once missed, will be left behind or even disappear. We now see the success of the Amoy brand such as starry, Liebo, Yan man, is one of the key points of the development of time step quasi master. This road is cruel but can’t turn a blind eye.

at the beginning of September 2013, Hangzhou area 11 4 – 2 gold crown reputation C sellers and digital marketing experts visited all the electricity supplier "seller" Magazine Conference room.

after the discussion we found that the most common concern is that this year’s traffic compared to last year’s severe". Although this is just the reason for the off-season, but this is not the main factor. In the conversation, the seller delegates said already feel the impending crisis, a large C and a life and death mark.

in fact, dangerous competition environment has been surging, if the big C are still unable to grasp the opportunity, predictable >

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