EBay opened a fast lane in Mexico to develop the North American market

recently, Litong Intelligent Package joint Mexico local courier company for eBay sellers tailored Mexico express service line. Help sellers to further develop the Mexico market.

it is understood that the Mexico express line has the following advantages: 1, in Mexico province to provide door-to-door service; 2, to try to send up to 3 times; 3, with full tracking, online check; 4, transport time 6-15 working days: the Mexico City 6-8 days, 8-15 days other areas; 5, no extra cost for lost or damaged packages, UBI will according to the declared value of compensation (not to exceed the maximum of $100); cargo insurance 6, domestic sellers can choose UBI and Chinese Paul jointly launched (the rate was 4 per thousand, the value of the maximum amount of compensation for $1500). Provide additional protection for the high value of the goods.

is located in Mexico, Latin America, terrain conditions are very complex, general logistics delivery is not ideal. EBay opened this shortcut line, in order to help the majority of sellers to improve the logistics of Mexico road transport.

refers to Mexico, where people generally think of poverty and crime, and have recently made headlines because of Trump’s "shielding", as if the country is not a good place to do business. However, according to statistics, at present, Mexico has a population of 122 million 300 thousand, of which about 39.2% of the people in the middle class, with a very strong purchasing power.

analysis predicts that from 2013 to 2018, Mexico e-commerce will grow by 150%, from $2 billion 200 million to $5 billion 500 million. A study of "Forrester research, 2013 to 2018 Latin American online sales forecast report" is expected to Mexico will increase the number of online shoppers from 2013 8 million 400 thousand to 2018 18 million, an increase of 114%. The research firm eMarketer’s assessment is more optimistic, in 2013, Mexico travel online products or services sales of $3 billion, is expected to grow to $5 billion 100 million by 2017.

in particular, in Mexico, mobile phone penetration rate reached 86.7%, the mobile operating system is the first choice of Android, intelligent mobile phone users purchasing power is three times the desktop users purchasing power, and these users have a natural preference for 3C products and dependence. Therefore, 3C products become one of the most popular in Mexico cross-border online shopping category.

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