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Jingdong Group founder, CEO Liu Qiangdong and Tencent President

latest news, according to HKEx announcement this morning, Tencent (Hongkong stock exchange stock number: 00700) announced a $214 million stake in Jingdong. Tencent will acquire 351678637 shares (more than 350 million) of ordinary shares of Jingdong, accounting for approximately $15% of ordinary shares in circulation before the listing of Jingdong, while the two sides to establish a strategic partnership.

according to the details of the transaction, Jingdong will issue new shares to Tencent. At the beginning of the transaction, Tencent will receive about 15% of the shares of Jingdong. In the future, Tencent will be in the initial public offering of Jingdong, to participate in the subscription price of Jingdong shares an additional 5% of the subscription is expected to be completed with Jingdong’s ipo.

in this transaction, Jingdong will acquire Tencent B2C platform QQ online shopping and C2C platform pat Network’s 100% rights, logistics personnel and assets, as well as a minority stake in easy fast network and the right to buy the remaining shares of easy fast network. The two sides also signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the Tencent will provide to the Jingdong and WeChat mobile phone QQ client level entrance location and other major platform support, to help Jingdong in the field of physical electricity supplier development; the two sides will cooperate in the online payment services, to enhance the customer’s online shopping experience.

Jingdong Tencent will become the preferred partner in the field of physical electricity supplier business. Tencent President Liu Chiping will join the board of directors of Jingdong.

Tencent President Liu Chiping said: "the Tencent and the Jingdong strategic cooperation will not only expand our influence in the rapidly growing field of physical electricity supplier, but also better able to develop our various e-commerce services, such as payment, the public accounts and the effect of advertising platform, create a more prosperous ecosystem for all our business on the platform."

the two sides announced: Based on this strategic partnership with Tencent, Jingdong will be huge user base in the mobile internet field and gain further development, through the Jingdong and Tencent will provide users with first-class e-commerce services.

choose to complete the transaction before the official listing of Jingdong, regardless of the Tencent stock price, or the future of listed Jingdong IPO pricing is very good.

according to the two sides are filled with music inside the letter, the Tencent will become the major shareholder of Jingdong, Tencent and the future strategic direction: on the one hand, the existing platform and core business, we build quality, intensive and meticulous farming around the core platform, provide quality services for users; on the other hand, build a user centric and open platform the ecological system, and actively in the industry chain of excellent partners, committed to allow users to get more experience, more value.

Tencent will continue to participate in the rapid growth of physical electricity supplier business, and vigorously develop the payment platform. At the same time, Tencent will continue through the public number system, the basic electricity supplier ability to give the majority of businesses (including O2O merchants), to build a new move

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