nnovation and profit model to defend the development of vertical B2B model

as of March 2011, Chinese users reached more than 500 million, breaking the 400 million mark, the size of the Internet users ranked first in the world. People’s growing interest in e-commerce. China Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that: as of the end of March 2011, the domestic large-scale e-commerce website total already amounted to 2.97, China’s e-commerce market transactions reached 2 trillion and 250 billion yuan in the first half of 2010.

in 2011, on the scale and function of our technology platform, B2B platform number and quality of service are achieved or even exceeded the level of developed countries, many domestic platform has announced the start of earnings, small and medium enterprises to participate in the B2B electronic commerce degree is more and more obvious, iResearch also believe that the macroeconomic recovery, small and medium-sized e-commerce penetration improvement of enterprises, but also to the B2B e-commerce market revenue size to maintain steady growth the main reason.

in fact, however, can not simply say that China’s e-commerce is no regrets. There are two sides of every thing, from the benign point of view, the trend of rapid growth of e-commerce in China is worthy of recognition, it reflects a country’s economic awareness and national awareness of participation. However, the B2B industry is still growing, there will be such a problem in this process, will face many difficulties, and these difficulties will not be resolved for a while. At present, for e-commerce, we must not only face the reality, but also solve the problem properly. Among them, the following two issues need to be paid attention to:

innovation and implementation of

2011, e-commerce China into stable development stage, the people have the strong vision of Internet, e-commerce is also active in the Internet thinking, but the initiative of enterprises has not been reflected. 365 yarn network is located in the service of the company’s e-commerce platform yarn – 365 yarn network formally launched operations. From the regional promotion website to the current comprehensive yarn e-commerce platform; established its due market position.

on today’s achievements, adhere to the choice I made, adhere to the future development trend of e-commerce: only stand a little higher than others, it is possible to look farther than others. Innovation is the key to success for the management of products and platforms."

on the road of innovation, 365 yarn network has lots of mistakes, because did not seize the development goals the most essential, the technology itself is not to force, it also ignores the effective communication management, resulting in lack of market position and product innovation, lead time enterprise development stagnation. After analysis, 365 yarn network even after adjustment strategy, gradually gave up before the full agent to join and channel promotion work, and began to implement the decision-making, management, implementation of the three layer structure system management mode, in-depth understanding of market trends, strengthen the communication between enterprises and customers, promote the transfer of information and communicate effectively. In line with the new marketing model, technology and management continue to serve the market, the protection of

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