Biography Jingdong mall to carry out B2B business will build hundreds of branches

domestic B2C Jingdong mall in the firm’s existing B2C market, has begun planning B2B market.


sources, the Jingdong will establish plans to scale up to 300 people in the outbound team in Chengdu, and the outbound team this year’s goal is to achieve cooperation with 30~50 million customers of small and medium-sized enterprises, the sales target of 1 billion yuan. During the year, the mall will be established in more than and 20 cities in the country’s first tier cities in 2010, the number of branches in all cities will reach 100."

Jingdong mall declined to comment on the news.

industry insiders believe that, due to increased competition in the industry, the C2C industry to participate in competition and other factors, the growth rate of Jingdong mall may encounter resistance. "But if the 300 outbound team building, the rapid establishment of 100 City branch, will greatly enhance the mall sales of Jingdong."

according to Analysys International data show that in the past March, the domestic B2C companies – Jingdong online mall sales exceeded 200 million yuan, becoming the first and only one month of sales exceeded 200 million yuan B2C.

at the beginning of January, Jingdong mall vice president Yan Xiaoqing said in an interview, the Jingdong mall in 2008 sales reached 1 billion 300 million yuan, in 2009 is expected to achieve 300% growth, sales reached 4 billion yuan.

007 business trade network is very pleased to see the B2B market structure will have a new change, there is only the development of competition.

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