Jingdong WeChat boutique mall entrance on the line foreplay tomorrow revision


] May 4th news billion state power network, get news from a person close to the Tencent at the state power grid before tomorrow (May 5th), WeChat under my bank card boutique mall will complete the revision: the original "featured" column will be officially changed to "new discovery" column, which is an important foundation in Jingdong WeChat before the entrance.

it is understood that the "new discovery" will be officially launched at 9 tomorrow morning, "found the tide of the most novel Haohuo", the crowd as a fashion trendsetter, and WeChat users. Mainly in the category of clothing shoes and bags, digital sports, Home Furnishing food, jewelry accessories, audio books etc..

tomorrow at nine, the featured column will officially be replaced with the new discovery

"This is

(Jingdong in WeChat) big entrance before the last column change important line, the brand and the poly – (Note: the original WeChat boutique mall is divided into three sections: selection, brand and poly Hui) have been tested almost, replaced with new found after selection need a little time to test, to ensure the switch to the big entrance time can hold." The source told billion state power network.

from the obtained billion state power network "new discovery" beta page, this column selection in addition to the positioning of the features, also joined the social factors, mainly reflected in the "tide circle" section, through the "new digital power" and "dream home", "Metrosexual private goods", "develop a mind goddess" interest groups gather different styles of users. With the previous Taobao watercress social strategy similarities.

new discovery into the interest group element

As for the Jingdong

level entrance WeChat on-line time, these people said probably at the end of May. By then, WeChat will enter the online shopping portal near the entrance of the game.

in addition, the above sources, Jingdong 618 this year, a big promotion, WeChat wireless side will be synchronized with the PC side, and said the group gives an amazing KPI".

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