Opportunities and challenges for business leaders in the digital and digital economy

"Matters" (Innovation that) is one of the three core concepts that IBM has implemented since 2002 in the company (dedication to customers, innovation and accountability). "Innovation" has far-reaching significance, not only relates to product management strategy of IBM company, to provide customers with differentiated products and services, but also the enterprise leader can be an important quality to lead the organization to win in the increasingly fierce competition.

for the practice of "innovation to" concept, IBM company held on 2004 in 36 countries and regions in four continents of the world’s first "Global Innovation Forum" (GIO), 248 experts, scholars and politicians from 178 enterprises and organizations, through the 15 Seminar on innovation brought to the world three trends, challenges and opportunities are discussed:

1 trends: the globalization of innovation (global): the mature network technology and open standards are eliminated by the innovation of the world and the use of geographical barriers, everyone in the world can be added to the innovation economy.

2 trends: Interdisciplinary innovation (Multidisciplinary): because of the challenges we face more and more complex, the innovation era requires interdisciplinary talents and knowledge.

3 trends: open, cooperation and innovation (Collaborative and Open): more and more innovation is not derived from individual talent, but from the thinking and method of the new cooperative team effort. This popular cooperative innovation thought on the market today "Blue Ocean Strategy" is exactly the same. In the cooperative innovation environment, the traditional concept of intellectual property rights has been challenged, if you still think that intellectual property is a private right must be protected, so that businesses and individuals may be in a new round of competition is that as the intellectual property of "capital", and the "investment" the flexible use of enterprises to overcome.

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