Beautiful said C2B bud or by custom nurturing own brand

January 27th news, women’s vertical electric business platform, said recently that the beauty is trying to customize the production mode of clothing: by collecting the user wishes to reverse the direction of production.

is currently beautiful in its attempt to do this through its WeChat service number. Billion state power network noted that beauty shows a series of selected by the buyer with the brand or street star with the dress, users can own love clothing like, when the number of points like reaches a certain size, beauty will be on the production of a garment.

buyers pick the star the same paragraph, users expressed willingness to buy

product details page to the latest popular barrage, real-time user comments

for this new attempt, said the official said it was not beautiful to disclose relevant information. However, insiders speculate that this custom model is likely to be its own brand production forecast.

it is understood that, at the end of 2014, the beautiful officially announced the launch of its own brand MUA and Seoul station, the target will be set as the Chinese version of ZARA". Beautiful said, his house, set up preparatory team of designers, to choose their own fabric and to play version, then find the cooperative factory production. The premise is to do all of this is the platform for long-term precipitation down user shopping preferences data.

therefore, insiders predict that the beautiful said the launch of the custom version, it is likely to do its own brand market research.

We see the beautiful

two own brand flagship store, it is found that the two sales are not ideal, at present a total of 9 MUA flagship store shelves a commodity, the highest sales of 29; Seoul station flagship store a total of 42 models of goods shelves, of which the highest sales volume is 295, said the platform and other popular shops and beauty far worse li.

beautiful said its own brand MUA official flagship store

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