Pig O2O CMS community palm community property features full coverage

"Internet plus" environment, community property O2O community property has become an important direction of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Through the mobile Internet links, to provide value-added services to property owners and community owners. In the pig CMS life can pass the O2O platform to achieve cleaning, from repair, payment, electricity providers and other community property services.


community O2O is the biggest feature of the community as a unit, so the first community services and property projects and other service categories must be complete. All kinds of property management functions readily available, all access to property hardware.

integrated owners information, unified management of property

to enter the community O2O owners need to register the community information, such as name, telephone number, floor number, family members, etc.. Property owners through the community O2O unified information integration, unified management, unified implementation.

background can be grouped according to the information of the owners of the building, so that the property management work more efficient. For example, property charges, property management units in accordance with the allocation of more convenient management.

property payment, online payment

property company charges easily, the owners pay convenience, property payment projects can be completed by the community O2O payment function. Property owners in accordance with the community information submitted payment details, the owners in the individual center directly view the payment of specific projects, the completion of the online property payment.

property services, online submission of

property services and complaints can be completed in the community O2O owners personal center. For example, the housing online repair utilities consumption report. No need to go out to the property owners and property companies to submit content, do not copy the power from door to door.

business services category, support unlimited expansion

community O2O home community service projects can add property costs, utilities, property management projects, community card, etc., to support more community service projects.

in addition to the property company’s services, property companies can also cooperate with the third party service companies to add business services projects. For example, cleaning services, moving services, pet services, takeaway service, etc.. Community service support unlimited expansion, all basic necessities of life.

community function library, the owner’s community assistant

function library to add the contents of the community life commonly used items, such as the commonly used phone (property phone, courier phone, cell phone management, hospital phone, etc.), courier collection, visitor registration, etc..

convenience services, improve community platform

to provide convenient service projects, community owners can find more common web page through the convenience of service modules. For example, Baidu, maps, train tickets booking, residential listings, the surrounding hospital online registration, shopping malls, etc.. Worth mentioning

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