E-commerce information through the upstream and downstream industry chain

ordinary such as processing a pair of shoes which need to go through the process, these processes must also include what raw materials, semi-finished products, leather laces? Upper sole shoes cloth, glue bonding, Logo character, mimeograph parts connection stitches, and other kinds of metal decoration, and the preparation of these materials to buy from where where to? A daily consumer goods so simple in structure, which involves behind different components, and these components from a number of industry support.

scale production by the traditional narrow business support material supply has been more and more difficult to adapt to market changes, ten years ago, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises still remain in the family owned most of the raw material self-sufficiency and small range of sales, now with the autism information tide sweeping family workshop production of no future. The rapid development of information technology to promote the ten year period is Chinese e-commerce from scratch, from simple applications such as post business information began to penetrate into the enterprise sales, logistics, business relationship management in all aspects and so on. The majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to complete the initial contact to the electronic commerce and the basic understanding on suspicion of half hearted. And with their own uneven understanding of e-commerce, and the specific implementation of different levels of light, they have joined the electronic age in the business competition characterized by high efficiency.


is not directly involved in the products processing enterprises in the production of raw materials, from raw material procurement, assembly, various upstream collection of raw materials and semi-finished products processing packaging eventually pushed to the downstream end market, a production cycle process takes a long time to complete the different industries? The turnover cycle may not be the same, but it is certain that, compared with the traditional management by means of e-commerce enterprises can effectively shorten the cycle. At the same time, in a particular production efficiency and cost saving time, a problem for many small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises are most concerned about is: how can the fastest lowest cost required to find all kinds of raw materials, how can the most efficient and appropriate finished product sales of


‘s oldest e-commerce model is still difficult to give an effective answer, even because of its long history and representative of the enterprise and accumulated a certain degree of visibility. In fact, with the development of China’s economy, the upstream and downstream supply chain is perfect, and the scale of industrial clusters began to form. Many industries such as clothing, electronics, chemical and other industries rely on regional comprehensive advantages, spontaneous formation of upstream and downstream materials and funds to supplement the cycle of complementary services, synergies began to play. However, in order to keep up with adapt to regional block, no time limit for the pace of the information age characteristics, with geographical advantages or historical factors of the spontaneous formation of industrial clusters is still backward, especially not in a wider scope such as the formation of interaction. Obviously, this problem needs to have the inherent advantages of e-commerce can solve.

said a simple, open up the upstream and downstream industry chain in e-commerce platform, it should include these basic functions: query a product at the same time also can understand each part of the product, and in this platform to find raw materials and semi-finished products of each component, the query to the original material >

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