Public comment to eat the strategy of micro life and then abandon the electricity supplier Tencent

will be packaged in kind business to Jingdong, Tencent had quite important O2O business has also been a flick". recently announced the integration of Tencent Twitter Life membership card business and related groups, which means that after the turmoil of the Tencent Twitter Life mission ended, Tencent on business strategy give up again.

and real electric left Twitter Life go compared with vigour and vitality, very calm, a statement, a few hundred words on account of Twitter Life "funeral". Public comment network, said its strategic cooperation with Tencent to further deepen the integration of Tencent micro life membership card business and related teams. After the completion of the integration, the new micro life membership card business will be relatively independent operation in the public comment system, and with the public comment on the local life platform for deep integration and docking.

Jiang Yueping, vice president of public comment, said

, public comment will continue to explore the basis of existing products on the basis of micro life better product form. In the future, micro life members will be able to enjoy the public comment on the reservation, takeaway, ordering and other O2O service. At the same time, micro life membership card services businesses will be able to reach WeChat, public comment and other platforms, communication, influence and service to its users, members."

in February this year, the public comment and Tencent jointly announced a strategic cooperation, when the industry have considered the greatest significance of the cooperation in the public comment got WeChat squared entrance, but the O2O team are Tencent and public comment business conflict. From now on, the integration of the two in the field of O2O far more than the industry expected. In the major Tencent O2O team and the game of public comment, the public comment became the winner.

insiders believe that in Tencent, based on WeChat’s electricity supplier business is too complex, in addition to micro life, as well as micro buy, micro shopping, WeChat stores, etc.. The content is too much, the focus is not prominent, the user will feel very messy, so the necessary downsizing and survival of the fittest should be. Judging from the overall environment of Tencent, but also to avoid competition with the industry." After the news, Twitter Life merged into the public comment, Twitter Life general manager Geng Zhijun has been transferred to WeChat to pay the rest of the staff team, after a round of layoffs, a part of the public comment "receive", there is a part of the Tencent to other departments.

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