LETV announced 414 hardware free 10 hours 910 million Morning News

news April 14th, LETV announced at 10 in the morning "hardware Free Day" report: 10 hours 910 million yuan amazing results, shocked the industry.

as the latest report shows that less than 10 hours since at 0:00 on April 14th, LETV ecological sales break 910 million! The music as member revenue break 790 million, a huge victory for the absolute membership mode. As the two core hardware is also eye-catching performance: the super TV sales exceeded 207 thousand, super total mobile phone sales of over 242 thousand units, sales at an alarming rate! In addition, easy to car sales reached about 20000000, net wine network also create a new high of 18 million, intelligent hardware and derivatives is to create a total sales of 35 million sales. This is a crazy digital music, breaking 919 fans Festival sales record, the power to highlight the ecological electricity supplier.

: as announced in April 14th, launched the first in the history of the Internet "hardware Free Day", thoroughly stimulate the user’s desire to buy, many fans stayed up all night, LETV panic buying products. Only 10 minutes on sale, LETV will produce a large data surprising: 1, super 4 X55Curved engineering machine sold out 4 minutes and 28 seconds seconds! Jingdong broken million, the fastest breaking 100 million records! LETV ecological sales exceeding 480 million of total income LETV membership! Break 390 million, super TV total sales of over 105 thousand units super mobile phone, the total sales of over 134 thousand units, intelligent hardware and derivatives of the total sales of 17 million 200 thousand yuan


previously, LETV founder Jia Yueting in a letter from "knucklehead to hardware free: 414 said about you into the ecological consumption era" in the letters, the industrial age companies dominated everything, they build a strong barrier factor of production scale economy and the use of information and technology, to pursue the brand premium, premium channels, hardware Premium: production and consumption of each link, users have to pay for it. S, H, I, V, O and other hardware companies use, even at the cost of overdraft of consumer confidence and expectations, let those irrational users pay huge premium brand and hardware. Part of the user in the comparison driven by the psychological, obedient Bo Bo behavior, in fact, is a kind of face consumption.

and the new era, the price and value of the hardware in the continuous separation, as the ecological re definition of the value of the hardware, the re establishment of business rules between enterprises and users. LETV gradually give up the brand premium, premium premium channels and hardware attached to the hardware and hardware cost, profit, and profit from the terminal zero negative, to gradually realize the free, non core purpose is to value the price of hardware as the starting point, the promotion of the existing consumption patterns change, the formation of new users of ecological consumption view.

music 10 hours as a result of the 910 million, which means that the music as the opening of the hardware free lead users to enter a new era of ecological consumption. 10 minutes to hand over the transcripts, but also means that the music as the hardware to create a free model has been verified by the market, it will

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