Application of customer material coding in e-commerce website

in the last issue of the article, we discussed the "BOM in e-commerce sites in the application", this issue, we will discuss the application of customer material coding in e-commerce platform. In the current discussion, the material code completely borrows the concept of customer material coding in ERP. Also need to be explained is that we discuss the main application of the B2B platform, more detailed restrictions: B2B platform for industrial products.

1. What is the customer material code

this word is actually very easy to understand from the literal meaning, that is, your customer to the material coding, a simple example.


a photoelectric switch, for encoding in ERP system of our company, AABBCCZZ0012, the reason for this is our encoding, the encoding rules are:

sensor > AA

photoelectric sensor > BB

reflective > CC

photoelectric switch > ZZ

WT2S-F131> 0012, this is a serial number.

and the same product, where the customer C1, it is not so encoded, their code is SICK-WT2S-F131, very simple, brand name plus model, which can also ensure that no duplication.

described above, SICK-WT2S-F131 is the customer product encoding, and AABBCCZZ0012 is the Guangzhou longpo Trade Co. Ltd. ERP encoding, as WT2S-F131, is the manufacturer of Sick sensor products.

two, in the Amoy industrial mall] use customer material code

for customers, their procurement personnel need tens, hundreds, or even thousands of suppliers in the procurement of products, for them, the most familiar is the company’s own material coding.

1 is not the product model, but the company’s own material coding


A, product codes of different lengths, not a rule, is not easy to write, recognition, and it is not easy to clean instrument company.

B, the products produced by different companies, in a certain probability, is entirely possible to repeat.

2 why not use electronic business platform coding

is similar to the previous one, each platform encoding rules are based on their own product characteristics, management practices, habits and other prepared, not suitable for all customers.

three, customer material coding gain in the customer experience

1 fast

customer, customer material code >

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