Discussion on B2CMKT Red Sea CRM blue ocean

this year the four major portal B2C advertising increasing channel home page; page; the inside pages, or even on a page three or four B2C advertising squeeze. B2C in the portal advertising on ROI generally around 1:1, the best is not more than 1:2, SEM/CPS is the marketing effect, get the best order cost will not be lower than the gross profit, coupled with the order processing costs; freight packaging, is bound to lose. What is the significance of the promotion of the market, the spread of the brand, improve visibility, grasping new customers. This is all to do and must do, it will face a problem: the big customer group is limited, the Internet resources are not rich, "entrance" is fierce. On the one hand you MKT do good, ROI do is again high, there’s a limit; on the other hand, the competitors to compete for customers with the resources you will use a variety of ways, such as the "entrance" of high quality outright exclusion, such as the use of the following strategies, the industry leader in advertising where to go. All forms of plagiarism you now have a copycat 3C mall to take this way. Even worse in the advertisements appear non bona fide alignment, before I joined the company had taken over this strategy, advertising in the media on the current company, like the current advertising forms of advertising slogan "XX mall really cheap, cheaper XX net". At that time did not work for each master what to say, ha ha.

MKT the most practical role is to pull new customers, the high cost of new customers to obtain the most reasonable transfer is to become a new customer to repeat the purchase of old customers profit and customer reputation spread. From the Red Sea to the new MKT hard to pull off, and we will do everything possible to bring customers to stay, the continuous process of no competition, only we do good, is the so-called blue ocean, and the cost is very low. New customers can not stay to continue to buy and generate word of mouth, sleeping customers can not effectively wake up, depending on the following points:

1 shopping experience: this experience includes price, speed, inventory, service and WEB end user experience. New customer and B2C link is fragile, a little bit of shopping experience is not good, it is easy to cause loss or even a negative reputation. Here again I have to take BUY.COM as a negative example: founded in 1997, BUY is a 3C based integrated B2C, in N years ago to achieve profitable and successful listing, and today BUY is delisting successive losses. Why is there a 12 million member BUY is the case, because it is a MKT company, a huge amount of advertising, network, body, tv…… On the promotion and low stop catch new customers, but they don’t do inventory logistics orders to suppliers, processing and distribution, the typical pure "light", so the phenomenon of serious shortage, slow delivery, repair trouble, seize new customers to the vast majority of lost.

2 association recommendation / Personalized Recommendation: BI based precision recommendations can effectively help increase the basket, think about beer and diapers

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