Another fresh electricity supplier closed Amazon 20 million investment in exchange for the lessons o


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and a fresh electricity supplier dead!

April 7, 2016, a delicious 77 suppliers gathered door Dun video crazy pass in the WeChat circle of friends, and a well-known Shanghai delicious fresh business platform to spread the news of the collapse of 77.


this month, a difference of three years of fresh electricity supplier to collapse, why not?

three year itch

delicious 77 was founded in May 2013, full name: Shanghai delicious Network Technology Co., Ltd., 77. Is in Shanghai and the surrounding areas of the fresh electricity supplier leader. "Delicious 77" harmony with Jiangnan accent "delicious eat", the service area in Shanghai area as the center to the periphery of diffusion. In a friendly and healthy life of the brand image, is committed to convey from the delicious to the tip of the tongue and the soul of a good experience.

November 2014, delicious 77 has more than 5 thousand SKU, Shanghai central warehouse of more than 10 thousand square meters; self throughout the cold chain logistics, has built 30 transit "site" covering different regions of Shanghai, and has opened the three day delivery.

May 2015, Amazon announced a $20 million stake in fresh electricity supplier in Shanghai – Shanghai delicious Network Technology Co., Ltd. 77. This is the Amazon since the 2004 acquisition of outstanding Amazon China, first investment in mainland Chinese. This also means that only a year and a half of the delicious 77 valuation has reached $50 million to $one hundred million.


77 is not delicious fresh domestic electricity supplier eagerly, such high valuations will undoubtedly make people curious about this many people have not heard of the enterprise, it is what


fresh electricity supplier is an air outlet.


is regarded as the most O2O vertical field of current electricity supplier breakthrough direction, in addition to fresh demands on time. Therefore it has high imagination, the similar one shop business platform is more like a supermarket distribution station, the merchant based, users choose their desired things at the top, and the compared to fresh fields with emphasis on consumers, customized features.

mobile online shopping habits continue to penetrate, to protect the size of the fresh market. Agricultural and sideline products compared to the low permeability of clothing, cosmetics, 3C and other industries, only about 1% of the entire market penetration rate increase to over 1% per year, and every increase of 1% will be tens of billions of market size.

at the same time, Amazon is responsible for the global market, vice president of China Feng Sizhe said: we appreciate the delicious 77 of the management team." Amazon is not a major shareholder of delicious 77, after accepting investment in the Amazon, delicious will remain independent of the operation of the 77. The Amazon is more of the United States of fresh advanced technology into China for technical assistance.


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