War ndustrial and commercial administration to pay the price of Alibaba shares fell below $90

review: the conflict results released two days ago, the release of Alibaba on the platform and "fake" about the bad factors, if not properly end, investors may also lead to litigation.


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Alibaba’s return to SAIC, despite the fact that it is not a disadvantage, but the cost of China’s largest market capitalization of the Internet Co in the capital market to pay the price.

Beijing time on the evening of January 29th, after the Alibaba issued a good 2014 fourth quarter earnings, stock price fell more than 8%, again below $90, the lowest is Ali shares rose to $120 after the peak in November.


quarter revenue of $4 billion 200 million, an increase of 40%; group GMV (total transaction amount) 787 billion yuan, an increase of 49%; retail platform (Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan) mobile terminal GMV reached 326 billion 889 million yuan, mobile total turnover accounted for 42%, than the same period last year growth of 213%.

Alibaba’s two core operating indicators – active buyers and GMV achieved substantial growth in the fourth quarter. In the year 2014, the number of active buyers in China’s retail platform reached 334 million, accounting for half of China’s Internet users, the entire population of 1/4. In the three months increased by 27 million compared with the same period last year, an increase of 103 million, an increase of 45%.

December 2014, Ali’s electricity supplier APP has 265 million monthly active users, more than three months ago and a net increase of 48 million, growth of 22%, an increase of 95%. If in accordance with iResearch data to GMV calculation, Ali occupy 86% of the market share in the field of China Mobile electricity supplier.

although slightly lower than some analysts had expected revenue of $4 billion 450 million, but it is still a good performance earnings. If not with the Administration for Industry and Commerce on open conflict related to supervision, the Alibaba in 2014 should be the perfect ending.

affected by this incident, Ali shares nearly two days to have a continuous decline, the U.S. Eastern time January 28 daily close $98.45, down 4.36%; earnings report released in January 29th, before prices fell more than 4%.

is the most intense reaction to the Alibaba has been put in the spotlight of the U.S. capital markets. Earlier, the The Associated Press said the author, "the State Administration for Industry and commerce or attack is the biggest crisis since the founding of ali." The article said, IPO research firm PrivoCo CEO Sam · Ahmed (Sam Hamadeh) said that the Alibaba should already know this survey, but if Ali before IPO released the survey, may pass out of Alibaba is not subject to.

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