Chinese traditional retail industry into a new round of strong integration period


tiger sniffing network: this year Chinese cited the first half economic growth slowdown and "frugal effect order", China retail industry sales growth is weak, at the same time, shop rents and labor costs rose. In addition, through the network sales network platform to realize the expanding of China industry constitute the influence. In this case, the circulation of retail enterprises have gradually shifted from the previous store to improve the efficiency of the strategic restructuring through restructuring. China’s retail industry restructuring opportunities.


indeed, lotus no longer insisted, decided by the sale of the way to find a way out for their own future. In October 15th, Wumart and lotus jointly issued a notice, Wumart will buy lotus in Hunan, Guangdong Province in two other provinces Chinese 36 stores at the price of HK $2 billion 345 million, including 36 stores, operating area of 310 thousand square meters.

came back in March of this year to cut 30% news, Chen Yaochang completely took over the lotus, the judge, if Chen Yaochang is unable to turn the tide, lotus probably abandoned Zhengda Group was able to escape. With Chen Yaochang in the past WAL-MART style, is good at expanding instead of fine management and improve the performance of a single store. And the lack of bee lotus is precisely the ability to upgrade and innovation. Therefore, lotus in the Chinese market outlet is nothing more than three: one is to rationalize the management structure, improve management capacity, improve store performance, profitability. Two is to give up some of the equity, so that more professional enterprises and teams stationed in order to reshape vitality; two is no longer dead support, all or part of the sale of the split, completely get rid of the burden.

current development trend further confirms the above judgment. Lotus continued losses, losses in the first half of 46 million 740 thousand yuan, while decreased significantly over the same period last year with a loss of 78 million 690 thousand yuan, sales have rebounded, but still unable to reverse the decline. According to the cooperation agreement between the two sides, after a number of capital operation, do not find any cash transactions, but equity cross. Lotus into the 36 store and subscription Wumart 206 million 600 thousand H shares, will hold a 13.77% stake and Wumart, Wumart also subscribed for lotus 9.99% stake.

analysis shows that the quality and lotus M & a classic. In addition to almost no money, just outside the stock exchange, Wumart can borrow CP lotus to further consolidate the East China and the Beijing market is currently in Zhejiang, Beijing and other places of stores. The lotus retains the market in Guangdong and the best in Hunan, Lenovo to Zhengda and Carlyle is on the Hongkong PARKnSHOP bid, if successful, these two provinces retained stores in Hongkong and Southern China and just 100 stores integration.

this analysis is not unreasonable, but there are worthy of scrutiny. Hunan and Guangdong two provinces is Wumart market blank, it can take Wumart if one fell swoop into.

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