So such a domain name event such judgment is the tragedy

      was originally found in two domain name lawsuit article. Because of the anger of the two articles, and then search for a while, the result was similar to the case found a lot of domain names, it really makes people sad. Rather, it is sad for the ignorance of China’s individual legal entities or individual law enforcement agencies.

      after the first, let us take a look at the * * City, Ms. Yao registered the "Tongji" domain names dispute case (see detailed report:… =0& NewsId=18582). In order to protect the Chinese famous trademark Ms. Yao registered first two names on "Tongji". And intends to transfer to "tongjitang". In the process of negotiations, Ms. Yao requires a certain transfer costs. Not to intervene, "Tongji" a petition to the intermediate people’s court * *. The court’s verdict is: two a domain name to "Tongji" all at the same time, the case acceptance fee of 6800 yuan was sentenced by the burden of Ms. yao.

      as long as there is a little knowledge of domain names are known. Register a domain name only a few, but also two hundred or three hundred yuan / year. Why the transfer fee is generally much higher than this number? It looked like it had suspected of profiteering. Only those who registered truly understand the sour, sweet, bitter, hot. What letter, what words (including a lot of symbols) can be registered as a domain name, but how to register a valuable domain name is not racking their brains out. In order to seize an inspiration, and could even be registered. This alone is not enough, the domain name registration is the biggest risk: if the registered domain name no one see, not only is to sacrifice a lot of time and energy, only the registration fee an overwhelming number of domain name registration, because the cash strapped and lost a good chance of making money. The day before yesterday met a call "red boat Nanhu (989897)" the netizen, maybe two years after selling value wintv.Com million "in the online posting around 200 yuan (Note: now called" Tiansheng media "one of the company is a big company bought the European football channel 2007 – 2010 season exclusive broadcast rights. Their move means that the era of pay TV in the Premier League will come. How much money has a direct relationship with the creator of a new era of domain name value)?. Afraid of others suspected him, he also volunteered to come up with this domain name to mortgage, borrow 200 yuan emergency, a week after the return of 260 yuan. Can you think he was so uncomfortable, want to know why? Because the money is used to register the domain name.

      let us see an article from * * reports: domain name registration Kemou registration and establishment of the "Ning Feng electric.Com" betrayal "Ning Feng Electric" all. At the same time, it is also necessary to compensate for economic losses

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