Dim sum entrepreneurship two years the two transformation, battle and B round of financing


snack OS is a localized Android operating system

Sina Technology Meng hung

even ordinary days, but also have their own unusual.

for dessert – Beijing Zhongguancun’s mobile Internet Co hundred employees, in September this year, there is such a nondescript, but changed the life of a day. Announced a decision that month regular staff meeting: snack business since insisted every Saturday working days abolished, the weekend rest becomes the norm.

"in September of this year, we set up two years to the best time", said CEO Zhang Lei, founder of snacks like the Sina said, "it is bitter bitter?. But we’ve been through life and death".

two transformation, survived

snacks with a strong innovation workshop label. After all, the snack is the first project of the Innovation workshop family (Zhang Lei is actually looking for a special candidate for this CEO), but also the first of the five or six innovative projects in the largest one. In 2010, when the newly started Innovation workshop was still in Tsinghua Science Park, the dim sum team was hidden in a different floor.

according to Li Kaifu’s mobile Internet investment strategy, the task is to introduce a cheap and easy to use, suitable for young Internet users to use the mobile platform. That is, the later dessert OS.

snack OS is a localized Android operating system. After four months of hard work, in November 2010 the first equipped with SHARP OS mobile phone market. Soon, however, the problem with the business model is: too thick. Do a good job in the operating system, the need to face the face of a whole smart phone industry chain complex cooperation issues.

coupling, COO Huang repeatedly stressed the word snacks, he used it to describe the relationship between the snacks and hardware vendors. Good coupling is difficult to do, especially in the volume, the system is not the same as the company. Loss of effective control, bring a lot of negative effects, including snacks OS subject to a long feedback chain, timely response to the problem of increasing difficulty.

this makes snacks OS in the fast and easy to break the Internet battlefield difficult. Some colleagues said that even the Innovation workshop is also worried about the development of snacks. In this context, in March last year, began to do the first snack transformation.

"then we decided to pull out the main force to do the application," said Zhang Lei. In this transformation, dim sum Beijing team put all the application direction, and the operating system is transferred to the Shanghai team. Two systems to achieve separation. Two months later, the basic situation to find out the dim sum team. During the dim sum also get Jinsha River venture capital level of $10 million A round of financing.

One of the problems that

was paying attention to at the time was that

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