Webmaster orientation analysis of the characteristics of nternet users shopping

grasp the overall characteristics of Internet users to help owners understand the latest trends in the Internet, both for the construction of the site and the development of marketing strategies have some help. According to the China Internet Network Information Center CNNIC released Internet status report, personal summary of the overall shopping characteristics of Internet users shopping, only for your reference.

first, the majority of online shopping city: according to the report, municipalities and provincial cities accounted for 1/3 of the country’s online shopping users. Internet users have accounted for about 30% of all Internet users, but for large cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, accounting for more than 40%. Although there is a gap between Europe and the United States, but in the future this year is expected to double growth.

second, the proportion of men and women and the total amount: the survey found that the total number of women online shopping more than the total number of men online shopping, but the total amount is lower than men. Shows that the relative number of women to buy more, but the price is cheaper, while men are just the opposite, so the site can be used as a reference when positioning the law.

third, users of online shopping network age: the statistics found that has been very rich in more than 80% Internet users online shopping experience, has reached more than 5 years of Internet experience, the proportion of less than 1 years old so few netizens online shopping, Internet marketers don’t worry too much about the target user not skilled use of the network, to go show your talent and ideas.

fourth, with junior college and undergraduate more: all of the online shopping population, more than half of the users of the undergraduate degree, followed by a college degree, master’s degree and above the number of online shopping but did not imagine the big scale, high school education or less accounted for less, indicating that the overall cultural level of online shopping users or high.


online shopping Internet Age: Internet users age and we think about 18~30 years old, now young people are the main force in online shopping, along with the further development of the society and young people grow up gradually, more and more people believe that online shopping, online shopping market will be more mature.

sixth, online shopping users income: This survey is the statistics user online form submission is based on data, according to statistics, the monthly income in 1000-5000 yuan as the main user groups, more than 5000 yuan was significantly decreased, and the monthly income of less than 500 yuan a small proportion of users of online shopping.

seventh, the number of online shopping comparison: if at least once a month online shopping users called online shopping regulars, then this proportion accounted for 43% of all Internet users. In addition, the frequency of male users shopping is higher than women, the highest frequency of Internet shopping between 25~33 years old.


online shopping easy: the statistics and the number of online shopping addiction effect is similar to that of survey, the purchase only once the proportion of users accounted for only less than 10%, and half a year to buy more than 5 times as high as 36%, indicating that online shopping addictive, once had the first Sutra "

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