Buy the industry and then lift the battle of the United States Mission brush single public comment b

Internet business must while crying while running, sometimes crying is more important than running! "This is the original Cool 6 network founder Li Shanyou said.

this phrase has so far played a role in the field of the Internet, do not believe you look at Alibaba, 360, music, millet and other Internet companies practice.

this time, the story takes place between the public comment and the U.S. mission network.

the night of May 16th, a screenshot micro-blog online crazy turn: the United States mission plan public comment on 5.17 group purchase promotions for "brush", of which there are COO words of encouragement and employee response to Kawai WeChat dialogue screenshots.

this so-called "brush", like "let the bullets fly" as you sent the gun back to finally stop the marketing success of the initiator reach the end user behavior, which can make the ultimate marketing launch touch the side of the user to fail, and let the market cost for naught.

, director of public relations public comment Wang Rui responded, "the business sector feedback, indeed many brushes, but we have the corresponding measures, to ensure that users get the true benefits, we hope that the whole industry can be healthy competition, create more value for users and businesses, only in this way, O2O can really have vitality."

but Liu Yanfeng, deputy director of the U.S. Department of public relations, responded that the United States will not do such a boring thing, do not respond to the matter.

"brush door" by

for Internet companies, every day is a holiday.

5.17 because of its homonym for "I want to eat, a good day to do the activities of the group purchase industry market. This does not, the public comment and Baidu Nuomi invariably chose this time to do promotional activities.

Baidu Nuomi

mobile phone terminal including hamburger, snail powder, Pan-Fried Mantou, Bobo chicken, hundreds of delicacy group sold 5 1 only 7 cents, the event covered a number of city, in addition to iPhone5S, iPadmini and other prizes to encourage users to submit their own love but not online merchants, then there is a new user registration get 25 yuan vouchers and other activities.

and May 17th, the public comment will be launched in 23 new cities, what is the joy of the $5 series of buy, the first wave of "money to see the movie" group buying activities will continue until May 31st.

objective to say, the public comment on the activities of the investment is not low. As a group buying industry, food and beverage negotiation efforts are relatively large, although it seems that price concessions, but the actual purchase of the company to pay is limited. But the movie tickets are not the same, Friends Wanda cinema marketing director was informed that, even if the purchase of tens of thousands of movie tickets, the lowest price was about 30 yuan.

P.S. see the news of the shoes can go to panic buying delicacy vouchers and movie tickets, especially movie tickets, this is the real deal no moisture. Group >

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