Hu Peibin next year, the main marketing channels of electronic commerce

throughout the entire bathroom industry, in the year of the year small sanitary enterprises have begun to try to expand the channel of the e-commerce, now in the country has a certain well-known ssww bathroom has not silent, in order to meet the electronic commerce next year, ssww bathroom in the global marketing headquarters in 19 grand the opening. In there, the vice president of Chinese Ceramics Association, director of China Building Decoration Engineering Committee Secretary China kitchen engineering committee, President of the Guangdong Association of materials and so on, gathered more than and 20 media and guest more than and 700 people doing the luxury cruise together witness the sea whales Wei marketing headquarters of the grand opening! It is the surface of prosperity under the bluff.

this year only bathroom into the electronic commerce roads are first advocated and combine online e-commerce marketing model of perfect combination, this new marketing model came out by many large and small bathroom companies from. A review of the history of the sanitary industry, sanitary industry now is changing, this is because the electronic commerce in the arrival of a new generation of consumer groups, the rise of the sanitary industry so that we had to try this strange channels to explore a more suitable way.

in the domestic processing of goods in the 80-90 between the poor stage, when there is a production of valves and dragons who began to set off the Chinese enterprises in the embryonic form of the bathroom industry. At that time, consumers need to buy Bathroom products to the supply and marketing cooperatives or department stores, factories are not afraid of no sales, there is no marketing model so that one.

suddenly entered the early 90s, with a group of brave advance Zhejiang Cantonese is not made, started marketing road. At that time, the bathroom manufacturers, are holding their own samples, to a supply and marketing cooperatives to sell, sold out again. This pattern of marketing was early sanitary factory opened the market to kill weapons, early prototype is the bathroom industry marketing mode.

in the mid 90s domestic economic development and gradually improved, driven by the clothing, electrical industry, China’s sanitary ware industry has begun to join the system. In all parts of the country after the emergence of a number of agents. In this mode, the manufacturers through the agency to join, to solve the problem of depth and scope of cooperation, the rights and obligations of both parties in the contract to regulate the way. Of course, this early form of agency is dominated by wholesale, lack of brand image and brand awareness.

at the end of 90s, there is a new marketing model that is the rise of store mode, store image not only good, but also can directly to the end consumer, in the bathroom industry began to follow up, and continue to improve, but also market stores, stores, contact channels, channel, etc. in short monopoly mode is acting on the upgrade and sublimation.

entered the twenty-first Century, there has been a chain of institutions, as a result of the chain marketing model for corporate culture, corporate brand, corporate bank

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