Tmall double 11 break half off cap line

news September 9th, general manager of Tmall clothing apparel forum speech in Paulding last night, introduced the new thinking of Tmall clothing all retail channels. She said that this year, the eleven double rules and compared to previous years have been adjusted, the price will break the requirements of the top half off.



said this year Tmall has Goldin, identify at least 10 brand can double eleven before delivery, and hope the brand line can be under the mall with get online, but the price is better than eleven to meet the dual purpose, line. In addition, the national carnival is the highlight of this year’s eleven double, in October 10th, Tmall will hold a double Spring Festival Gala eleven, to promote the growth of UV.

this year, the focus of the eleven pairs of new clothing is a new product, the international brand is located in second. At the same time, the pre-sale period will set the expansion of deposit pricing "is the same, you come to buy, your price is like buying a house to pay 50 thousand to 10 thousand."

idea about O2O full channel operation Goldin said that Tmall has begun in 2013 and part of the brand cooperation warehouse opened, currently has a very mature team to help businesses do this thing, only the merchant’s own ideas.

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Goldin speech in shorthand

: you give me good, Goldin is Tmall clothing for Paulding, my name is Liu Xiuyun.

today I would like to introduce you to the full range of clothing retail thinking. Alibaba has just over three years, three years time is very fast, after all the students came to the Tmall have a common understanding, here in fact every Tmall second is pain and happiness. How to say pain? Before I came to Tmall but also heard that cat is very busy, Ali is very very busy, busy here to know to what extent, almost every day for two days. Give you a number of fashion this year hundreds of billions of dollars in turnover, the entire industry operation students together is 100 people, we can count our per capita GDP and per capita profit, our company is very high per capita output. These days there is a discussion about the issues of recruitment, in fact, we are a great company, high standards in their own requirements, we hope the efficiency or effectiveness of getting better and better, do better than today. So this is a painful aspect.

also where is happiness? Now everyone says that now the team has become more and more difficult to manage, in addition to performance bonuses, and stock, what can retain employees? Here, everyone has a dream and change the industry idea. Tmall I feel is the most qualified, but also the most responsible to think about the future development of the industry. In addition to the completion of the day than the turnover of KPI, but also for the industry to bring something, so today I would like to explore this issue.

begins with the practice of dress. This year’s clothing can be summed up in a word, the first thing we do is the brand name