nternet plus era, electric car how to go

car is a large boulder field under the traditional line in the industry, with the development of the Internet, the line field also begins to be touched, and the car electricity supplier is slowly mining, but has not lit the breaking point, the pace is always slow, so far, it is through online sales of automobile enterprise little little, most of the automotive industry are only by means of promoting the brand as well as a client channel Internet platform. Then, the electric car Internet channel Gairuhezou?


automotive electricity supplier development

The current

car market is divided into two types, new and used car market, their business model is generally independent website or business platform marketing, but whether it is carried out by what kind of mode are difficult to bridge the gap between the traditional mode of left behind, although the Internet giant BAT has been in the car business to find a way out, but the results also are unsatisfactory. Look at the integration of electric cars from Baidu investment, excellent letter Tencent investment vehicles and BITAUTO and everyone has always believed that Ali, the electricity supplier in the field of automotive industry can be open, but the time is not really grasp.

new car sales in the attempt through the website business platform, many businesses are tangled phenomenon in the process of implementation, because electricity can give consumers the biggest advantage is affordable and convenient, but the car the cost is not small, the electricity supplier can give consumers discount again how much with the next line of consumer not much difference, even more consumers trust the traditional line model, the transaction amount involved is not small naturally cautious consumer, this situation makes the enterprise invested business, had to return to the next line of energy, and electricity only as a marketing assistant. Have businesses tried, low price car models to platform sales, hope to attract customers to the price advantage, but the results are not optimistic, the new electricity supplier also appears can’t do anything.

and second-hand car relative to the new car electricity supplier, the situation is slightly better. In the large trading platform, it is easy to see the second-hand car business market, like 58 city, people network, BITAUTO etc., are open to the second-hand car trading platform, according to consumer psychology, when they find the second-hand car directly to the line on line is not convenient, so they are more willing to find online after the target, negotiate transactions, one can find the suitable price, on the other hand can replacement conditions on car parts according to their own needs, reduce intermediate links removed. Furthermore, the impact of the purchase order as well as second-hand car opaque information can be obtained from the used car electricity providers to protect

automotive electricity supplier faces problems

in fact, the electricity supplier is difficult to develop, because of various reasons and the existence of the problem has not been able to really solve. The first car is a big consumer, will integrate it into electricity, through online transactions, consumers purchase concept has not really changed, for this type of housing and car.