Singles day panic buying through overdraft spending spree to create illusion

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is a double eleven this year, Taobao continued to maintain last year’s high-profile style, a large number of reporters to Ma Hangzhou Alibaba Xixi Park vigil, from 11 beginning at 0:00 on the scene witnessed millions of Internet users show "panic buying" large network, spent 21 hours on a record 30 billion of sales.

double eleven shopping Carnival since the beginning of 2009, this year is fifth years, but five years ago, no one would think of a double to almost all the people involved in the hot degree. First, it is just a gimmick to use "singles day" promotions. The singles day is the rise in the tide of Internet culture. In November 11th, four figure four looks like the shape of the root "Bachelor" with its image and mixed with a little humor, self deprecating, and integrating the Internet into the youth life, become popular.

is a fictional singles what developed into universal participation in the shopping carnival? It must be from sociology, economics experts devote special time to study to know. The current situation is that, although only five years of development, double the electricity supplier Shopping Festival has been enough to write more than thirty years of reform and opening up in the contemporary history of China in the.

thirty years, formed by the national folk Carnival regularly only in three cases. In addition, a national electricity supplier carnival, as well as the annual Spring Festival Gala on New Year’s Eve, plus an annual National Day golden week tourism. The three Carnival symbolizes three Chinese prosperity of contemporary economic life: cultural and recreational tourism economic prosperity, economic prosperity, and prosperity of the Internet economy, to some extent, they are a symbol of the new economy. So, Ma said that the double eleven shopping carnival is a sign of China’s economic transformation, reflecting the rise of the new economy, which is justified.

although the eleven electricity supplier shopping Carnival extraordinary significance, but just like the Spring Festival Gala and golden week, in the context of China’s reality, its drawbacks are still difficult to be ignored. Especially in the double eleven in the end can not bring benefits to consumers and businesses, there are still fierce controversy. To promote the electricity supplier website and media, a shopping carnival atmosphere is artificially created, which mixed with too many non rational factors. After all, the limited capacity of the consumer wallet, in the double eleven this day is to stimulate consumption, in fact, contains an overdraft. Eleven more flowers, and other natural less time. The same is true of businesses, the original sales curve can be artificially arched out a wave crest, after the festival, most of the electricity supplier website traffic decline, it takes a long time to recover.

also, in the double eleven shopping behavior, low price is the biggest driving factor, which not only strengthens the price war the most low-end competition, also induced the irrational behavior of the blind pursuit of low-cost consumer, to buy a lot of the things you don’t need, some businesses took the opportunity to dumping inventory backlog of products, a small number of sites then create the price trap, eventually led to the scandal.

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