Camel costume trying to electricity supplier of confusion VC refused to play said to turn the capita



Guangdong camel Garments Co., Ltd., general manager of King Kong


technology news (Lei Jianping) November 16th news, even after Smith Barney just crashed and go, still could not stop the enthusiasm for the traditional enterprise electricity supplier. Wan Jingang, general manager of Guangdong camel Garment Co., Ltd. recently told Tencent technology, the electricity supplier business confidence, this year’s online business can be 3 hundred million, accounting for the total revenue of 10%.

, however, frankly admitted to the electricity supplier business is still confused, the biggest difficulty is whether to attract VC into. Camel clothing currently VC into their own electricity supplier business is an exclusive attitude, said playing not turn the capital.

mainly rely on Taobao independent B2C is the direction of development

relative to the Smith Barney high-profile into the field of electricity providers, and hit heavily built state purchasing network, finally compared to invest 60 million yuan after the bleak end, camel dress relatively go relatively stable. April 2010, Camel camel brand stationed in Taobao mall, in July officially began normalization operations. Difficult start camel shop, the daily UV is only more than 1 thousand, a month to sell only more than and 700 pairs of shoes.

today, Camel camel dress test of electronic commerce for a year and a half in and other e-commerce channels gradually laid men’s shoes, leather bags, outdoor sports, shoes and other product lines, its own independent B2C mall are actively preparing for the. Camel dress more ambitious plan net Luo world, the line will be pulled all the electricity supplier dealers Road, two-way parallel.

, according to Wan Jingang, general manager of camel clothing, now the online shopping group is no longer like a few years ago in the incubation period, but mature, consumers pay more attention to price. For businesses, despite the relatively low price of goods on the line, the line brand price is high, but the line of the brand will usually be discounted, the overall income of the enterprise from a single commodity is not much change.

Wan Jingang said, from the current point of view, the camel clothing obtained from Taobao mall data is relatively benign, and data analysis is very clear, 5 minutes before that you can see how many times the conversion rate, the purchase price, in which more concentrated. From September 19th to October 20th, we made a ticket to Taobao mall activities, the event sales reached 10 million."

camel dress for the current electricity supplier in the attempt to be satisfied with this year’s camel apparel revenue is about 3 billion yuan, of which the line of business revenue can reach $300 million, accounting for 10% of total revenue. From the line of revenue sources, mainly in Taobao mall, from their own independent B2C platform can be ignored.

mall mall flagship store and B2C platform for the relationship, the King Kong to explain, said he is not an independent B2C platform Taobao mall flagship store supplement, but a hair >