The site and domain name investment


at the beginning of the webmaster, the mind is always rich in fantasy and planning,

Cheap Host plus CMS more and more simple, you can create a download station overnight, can also create a music station, can immediately create a forum… Of course… Immediately can plan a local portal, the portal

last night after night, through the….

starts with the first station, the second starts… The N starts.

; " poison "…

then proudly said,

look! My XX computer station, as well as the XX literary Station, as well as XX image station, as well as the XX community, as well as XX base… And


unfortunately, although many stations, just like a cluster, but for a long time did not qualify for the search for the contribution of a large number of garbage data……

N after a long time, suddenly understand a truth

"people do not focus on all things can not be"

actually do stand success is enough, pay attention and effort, not to say that the success of Google or Baidu kind of son,

can do hao123 good…

but it is so difficult to give up, out of confusion is so difficult, blame their own no technology, blame their own funds, blame themselves did not adhere to blame themselves do not..


At the beginning of

when rice farming, the mind also has a beautiful dream and hope, each registered a domain name, each competing in a creative domain, each a domain name,

feel like have a large industry, Web2.0, portal, a new generation of search engines. So… Big corporate brand….. Or feel luck is coming, wealth is coming, with a cctvnews seems to feel that they are CCTV News Channel… Seems to feel that they are… A meter… That is…

last night after night, through the….

the first domain name to start, the second domain name began… The first N domain name began. In the " poison "……

was proud to say that….

It is a pity that although

meters, has become a real " domain name investors, but did not sell " ideal rice…. registrars and registered with a hard-earned money taking… But also… When a lot of times " PLA "..