Suzhou formally launched the success of the local electricity supplier sounded the clarion call

in the e-commerce era, a variety of B2C mall in the Internet competing yan. Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other online shopping mall has long been known. However, these electronic business platform are based on the country, although radiation is widespread, but there is no regional characteristics. Now, people also have their own online shopping mall – Suzhou department. The mall was formally launched on April 20th, marking the birth of the city’s first localized electricity supplier shopping platform model. Compared with the first large-scale comprehensive electricity supplier, its remarkable characteristic is to achieve network TV platform, mobile phone platform, network platform integration platform covers: the Department of the Suzhou online mall, cable TV, mobile phone mall 999 APP client, the user with the purchase intention of thoughts into reality. In addition, its service object is Suzhou residents in the city logistics delivery timeliness, have more advantages than other electricity suppliers, its familiarity with the environment and living habits of the people of Suzhou is a large platform electricity supplier incomparable.

Department of the Suzhou online shopping mall ( belonging to the Suzhou JSBC subsidiary – Suzhou new TV shopping mall Co. Ltd., the first project investment of 20 million yuan, as Suzhou’s first local comprehensive online shopping mall, "the Department of the Suzhou City Mall is a large comprehensive business platform of a hub on sales, information exchange, storage and logistics in one, is the exploration and practice of a new generation of retail outlets and services. Mainly sells fresh fruits and vegetables, grain and oil, food and beverage dry cargo, beauty care, daily life and other convenience services, and city logistics distribution, convenient and punctual delivery, authentic cheap, can support cash on delivery.

Hui Suzhou mall will be open source in Suzhou precedent, the gradual radiation of the major consumer class capital cities, steadily complete their industrial layout, the establishment of new standards for e-commerce industry. For the city in various formats, business enterprise construction of wired and wireless Internet service channels and electronic business operation support system, realize the interaction and transaction between the platform and the platform, businesses and consumers, thus becoming a new growth point of stimulating regional economic.

According to the Department of the Suzhou

mall chairman Chen Xuming (Suzhou JSBC deputy general director) said: "the Department of the Suzhou to seize the two aspects in the future path of development will: on the one hand, digging the needs of businesses, reduce costs, enhance the return ability; on the other hand, deep user demand, reduce the cost of living, improve the convenience index. The platform and business users, the organic combination in businesses, users build a high-speed and smooth bridge." At present, the Department of the Suzhou has been equipped with the system platform, operation strategy, order, warehousing, logistics and customer service of its own service system, create a safe trading environment and the integrity of the service platform, high quality products and perfect service to ensure customer service, each member can enjoy online shopping VIP treatment, to ensure the purchase of commodities can be high efficiency, no damage to show in front of customers.

Department of the Suzhou station in another, April celebration, there will be four heavy manners shocked Sioux City, registered more cash prizes to win 5 million opportunities. Activity details:>

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