Ali’s idle fish platform fake disputes are frequent refers to the registration process is too simple

in idle fish search brand bags, many commodity prices are 10%-20% counter price of these goods is difficult to have a genuine.

Ali Taobao harsh crackdown lay off a large number of sellers, but even under the second-hand trading platform idle fish. Beijing Daily reporter recently found that Taobao invested heavily in the formation of the platform management department after the crackdown, had been stationed fakes poured into the low threshold, loose supervision in the secondary market, secondary trading caused by fake complaints increased. For the secondary market is just unfolding, invasion of unscrupulous businesses is a serious damage to the ecological.


fake disputes are frequent

in Ali proposed to create an unlimited budget, no limit of the sham treatment team after a fight against fakes, and selling businesses move aimed at Taobao’s secondary market idle fish. Mr. Zhao before the consumer to the Beijing Business Daily reporter said, in his idle fish took a fancy to a pair of Jordan 11 basketball shoes, basketball shoes, the original price of 2200 yuan sold only 1600 yuan, the seller vowed that his individual sellers, shoes only through again in the room, Mr. Zhao from the simple picture identification after next single. Due to the reasons for the work, the parcel collected by his family, Mr. Zhao returned home full of joy to open the package, but found that the shoes do not match the real. Identified in the relevant forum, it is a pair of fake shoes. The seller refused to admit selling, but Mr. Zhao said malicious refund. Zhao admitted that the same thing in the electronic business platform is easy to return, the secondary market has become a confused account.

In the idle fish platform

Beijing Daily reporter inquiries found that according to the clues provided by Mr. Zhao, there are fake businesses to break up the whole into parts "in the way of selling second-hand platform. The business understands secondary trading rules, a large number of registered accounts disguised as individual sellers, commodity price is the original price of around 30 percent off. In communication with buyers, they will also be used to buy second-hand, the image can be used to inspect. Each sold a commodity will be quickly off the shelf, a number of account recycling. In the event of consumer disputes, the communication through the sets of words to obtain evidence against the buyer. Such disputes are not uncommon, basketball shoes, bag, mobile phone and electronic products are selling idle fish hit. According to the operation data of idle fish released Ali day before the show, idle fish has a total of 100 million users, trading items up to 170 million pieces, shoes, clothing and other goods market second-hand mobile phone main products.

a personal behavior

idle fish originally "Taobao" mobile client, in April 2015 after a comprehensive revision to free fish name back online, is aimed at second-hand goods trading idle mobile terminal market. Compared to the cumbersome Taobao seller certification, registered in the free fish becomes very simple and quick sellers. Second hand goods transaction is the most typical C2C transactions, personal pricing, talk about the price, the new and difficult to set the old and difficult to regulate the purchase of counterfeit goods to provide convenient conditions.

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