Supply chain finance a two-way depth bound by Jingdong to suppliers


Liu Qiangdong from 2010 to consider how to finance the purchase of suppliers, to finally take a big step today.

November 27th, Jingdong held a comprehensive strategic partnership with the Bank of China branch in Beijing signing ceremony, the official announcement of the media had long been the supply chain financial services". Following the introduction of an open platform Jingdong, which can be regarded as another important step to build a network of retail ecology Jingdong.

in fact, part of the financing of a new round of financing Jingdong, Jingdong is used to achieve financial services to businesses.

content of supply chain financial services

According to the

, the Jingdong store supply chain financial services platform has been built, this platform includes Jingdong mall supplier evaluation system, settlement system and bill processing system, online banking and Bank Internet and other electronic channels, is a set of integrated financial services providers to expand the mall for Jingdong financial services platform.

will now do:

1, Jingdong mall will provide for procurement, warehousing, settlement, expansion of financing in four areas of financing products. Jingdong mall supply chain financial services platform specific services include accounts receivable financing, order financing, commissioned financing, collaborative financing, trust plans, etc..

in these financing, Jingdong mall plays the role of credit between suppliers and banks, and the issuance of funds by the bank to complete.

2, Jingdong also launched the asset package transfer investment business. For example: the supplier A pledged accounts receivable to the bank financing, the bank can be accounted for by way of financial products sold to Jingdong or supplier B to get financial income.

in the future is likely to do:

1, in addition to the upstream suppliers to launch B2B’s financial services, Jingdong also plans to launch financial channels for ordinary users, including insurance for ordinary consumers, financial management, gold, credit transactions, etc..

2, Jingdong will even set up a special fund companies engaged in investment and financing of financial services.

according to the electricity supplier analyst Li Chengdong said: at present, the Bank of China has 100 million suppliers for Jingdong to meet the financing needs of $17.

The significance of

to Jingdong

Li Chengdong at micro-blog, said: Jingdong supply chain finance is to meet the financial needs of the supplier, the supplier bundled in Jingdong mall. This is consistent with the logic of Taobao’s small loans, but the small amount of small loans Taobao financing, the higher the interest extracted from the (daily interest rate 0.05%).

a digital staff on the "First Financial Daily" said: because of the financial lending need credit vouchers, often and payment and logistics supply chain closely docking, the supplier in the payment, "

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