three quarter revenue reached 9 billion 500 million yuan annual target or difficult to ac

According to

Suning released earnings, the first three quarter revenue reached 9 billion 556 million yuan, which is 20 billion of its sales target this year so far, with a quarter, to complete this goal has been difficult.

According to

Suning released third quarter earnings, the company’s online business ( to achieve sales revenue of 9 billion 556 million yuan (including tax). 2012 1-9 months, the company achieved operating income of 72 billion 431 million yuan. Currently its online business accounts for about 13% of its total sales revenue.

in the first quarter, the second quarter of this year, achieved 1 billion 923 million, sales of 3 billion 357 million yuan, calculated on this basis, third quarter sales of 4 billion 276 million yuan, an increase of 27.4%, compared with the previous quarter slowdown than the 74.6% lot. has sales of 20 billion yuan, in this initial moment, before the three quarter sales less than half the total amount of the annual target may be difficult to achieve. However, in September 26th this year, Suning announced the acquisition of red children, financial data is expected to be included in the red child earnings in the fourth quarter, believe that will bring about 300 million yuan of sales revenue. Another source said, Suning will soon be completed on one or several B2C vertical mergers and acquisitions, if the completion of the merger, it will also help increase’s revenue.

however, even if there is a new increase in mergers and acquisitions to join B2C, but if you want to achieve sales of 20 billion yuan at the end of the year, needs to maintain rapid growth in the fourth quarter, the chain growth rate of not less than 100%.

at the same time, large-scale investment in online business, but also pulled down the overall gross margin of suning. Reported that due to the low gross margin online business, the company’s gross profit margin decreased by about 28% percentage points over the same period last year, reaching 18.69%.

in addition, Suning earnings also show that the first three quarters of the total revenue of 72 billion 431 million yuan, an increase of 7.11%, the first three quarters of net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 2 billion 352 million yuan, down 31.28%, the first three quarters of the basic earnings per share of 0.3321 yuan, down 32.11%.

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