Radio and television advertising management measures to bring the gospel to the webmaster

friends, in the second half of 2009 will be the spring of online advertising, ha ha, you seize the time to prepare for


recently saw a news that SARFT issued "management measures" radio and television advertisements broadcast, is for television advertising, in addition to their cheerful, more feel advertising advertising seems to go to the owners of the pocket.

actually I hate most is advertising, when watching television when the climax, suddenly will be damned advertising to interrupt, hey, and I love Hunan TV advertising, when coming, I had to go through a long and long wait, the heart that call a


and TV shopping, watching TV and hosted the hysterical carrying a gold chain, shouting "as long as 998 gold necklace for you to take home! I get goose bumps one, estimated just turn on the TV, will think that is where the mentally ill run out! It is

Khan ah!

finally, to limit television advertising, radio and television policy clearly stipulates each program institutions each hour long broadcast advertising business shall not exceed 12 minutes of television broadcast, TV commercials every time no longer than 1 minutes and 30 seconds, the satellite channel 18 every day to 24 points, not broadcast TV shopping advertising.

Oh, this restriction, the advertising must display in the time of peak in less and less, in addition to large businesses which estimated money, can keep his position, the rest of the small businesses will find another way, estimation of television advertising less, also will be a corresponding increase in the price drop. So, I believe there will be more and more businesses will put advertising space, change to the network.

in fact, it is the prevalence of the Internet, online shopping is very popular, so that online advertising will be further spread, so a little vision of the webmaster should increase the site’s advertising plan!

I said that there are several points:

1 is the first television advertising and Internet advertising effect is to be roughly the same, whether it is from the visual or auditory or, or Internet advertising is definitely not inferior to television advertising, so why merchants in expensive television ads that hang on a tree?

2 followed by 3G boom, the network will be more and more popular, in contrast, advertising network to facilitate the spread of advantages are also prominent, believe that online advertising will one day be more popular than television advertising, is only a matter of time

The last one is

3, 70 the baton handed 80 and 90 hands, and 80 and 90 of the most indispensable in life, I think in addition to the mobile phone is computer, believe that the arrival of the 3G era, will be the network advertising and a razor


webmaster, first hand, to open their own pockets, ready!

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