Faced with the financial crisis, the third party testing enterprises how to break through the networ

in the face of the global financial crisis, the third party testing agency network marketing is widely respected in the industry, although compared to other industries, the network model of the third party is not mature enough. However, the rapid development of business throughout the country, the success of many companies to help bring a large number of customers. Day detection is one of the beneficiaries!

in more than a year, the company’s customer service sources continue to rise, in May this year, the company web site keywords ranking indoor air testing industry has leapt to the top 08 keywords, in the first half of the website only customer feedback number of transactions reached number pen. Within 1 years, day re testing company website is how to do it from the unknown site, become the third party inspection of a dark horse. The person in charge of the station admitted to the author: seize the opportunity for network development, bold attempt to Web2.0 era advertising model is our way to success."

seize the needs of the development of the times, for enterprise network marketing open

complex detection day enterprise website launched in August 2008, started soon, Chinese enterprises began to encounter financial crisis. This is the third party market, is both an opportunity and a challenge, opportunity is the deterioration of the economic environment, prompting many companies began to transition, the challenge is in many third party companies, how to become an independent school day re inspection, to become the leading brand leader


media with rich operational experience, day re detection and large-scale search engine Baidu, Google has established good cooperative relations, at the same time, the website uses advanced vertical search technology and WEB2.0 technology, provides a publicity, promotion, display, communication and exchange of information platform for enterprises, establish a corporate image, a shaping the corporate brand, expanding the network marketing platform product visibility. At the same time the company’s brand hotline to improve service quality, more thoughtful, caring for customers to provide quality service to Shanghai detection, complex construction technology Co. Ltd. day brand rise rapidly in the field of third party inspection.

unique OurGame advertising model, carry out precision marketing for enterprise

it is understood that the general enterprise network promotion way for many large enterprises, which used more, one is to find the network site independent station, this expenditure need at least more than 10 thousand dollars, after the maintenance cost is another operator; two is to buy advertising in a large site, but not expensive, also caused a large number of waste. Therefore, some websites have launched advertising exhibition, this mode is centralized user money by sharing in the form of advertising, so the cost is low. For example: a user in an entrance to do an advertisement for a month to ten thousand yuan; the partnership to do the same position advertising, advertising costs halved, and the effect of almost two. Dozens of users to do advertising, advertising costs shared, the cost of advertising is greatly improved.

economic crisis is likely to continue, how to make better use of network marketing platform in the current economic situation, is also the day of complex detection has been exploring the topic, I believe there is more "in the near future will detect the day after

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