New generation B2C mall how to take the road of network marketing

Because the

of electronic commerce in recent years has spawned a lot of popular e-commerce company, two years before the rise and fall of group purchase website is a microcosm, but in recent years there are many traditional e-commerce of small and medium-sized enterprises began the development of the industry, in addition to the maintenance of the traditional sales channels and also in the development of the network marketing channel the most, the most representative is the type of B2C mall site, a mall here in this paper to do the main fitness equipment as an example to explain how the new B2C mall walk the road network marketing, welcome.

is doing B2C mall transformation of the enterprise purpose is to have more profit, this is no ground for blame for any business, but to make reasonable arrangements to combine their own actual conditions, it is to clear what kind of website to do things at what stage, what is the aim, not blindly if you want to be profitable, in a short time by your own B2C store profit, then I advise you or abandon the project.

for any one of the new B2C online mall is the same, mainly to do the brand and visibility, the latter consider profitability. For the general small and medium enterprises you can not spend a lot of money out of the second Jingdong come out, in order to survive it is necessary to go their own way, step by step to grow and develop their own.

a, do a complete sales type website

before you start to carry out network marketing needs to have a clear and complete website, because this is the foundation of marketing, a website content is not filled with good website how to users trust and good user experience? Thirteen knives that this mall to do is not very good, is said to be the site of the revision. But the content is not completely perfect already on-line operations and also doing Baidu promotion, a little money dashuipiao feeling.

two, general promotion and SEO optimization

Optimization of

cannot be ignored in conventional methods and the promotion website, because this is a long process, only a long time insist to see good results, the idea here is not very suitable for fast track. Especially ask marketing and soft marketing needs uninterrupted long-term, even if there is a certain investment is worth it, one is to help enhance the site’s visibility and credibility, two is to help improve the conversion rate of indirect goods, because a lot of soft is the long tail keyword, which platform of the weight is relatively easy to get a higher ranking.

three, with the help of a search engine for

and network alliance

now almost do network marketing will consider the search engine in the domestic bidding and Wangmeng, especially the price of Baidu and Internet, there is no denying certain effect, but now the competition is quite fierce, is also more big investment.

four, in the well-known e-commerce platform

independent online shopping mall to solve the problem is the problem of low visibility and low credibility, and stationed in the well-known e-commerce platform is very

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