Cats and dogs open the double eleven super battle to forget the new retail sample multi point Dmall

do you think the double eleven is to pick up pick up cheap


consulting firm Analysys think, double eleven after eight years of development, consumers showing a new feature weight plan, demand, service, brand and value "and so on, the user’s shopping decision not to price as the only reference factors, but also the rational judgment of the brand, quality, service, the price of multiple requirements.

after years of chop hand experience, have seen after the return of the national complex, in this year’s double eleven super battle, service and quality competition has become the new industry highlights.

is 211 more brutal than the 2 hour see

this year eleven you who hoard goods? Face a number of online super giant promotion action, you will be full of who

shopping cart?

, for example, Jingdong this year to appeal to the user to seriously shopping, announced the three aspects of good things cheap, service and experience force. From the big city to spread the double eleven poster, let the Jingdong express little brother exit, with emphasis on the logistics fast means.

often online shopping users are aware of the logistics services Jingdong really harvested a wave of users, 211 limit up, the next day, up to a variety of options to meet the needs of multiple users. But in this year eleven, more than the limit of 211 other opponents deus ex, it is served within 2 hours after a single


this dark horse is more than Dmall. The company was founded in April 2015, a shot to catch up with the speed of the Jingdong speed.

public information, multi point planning cherry festival series of activities such as consumer feedback, June 2015 registered users exceeded 1 million, the distance points set up only two months, and reached the number of Jingdong spent 4 years; in July 2015 launched the "early night market, more fresh, seckill sold on the pounds three online marketing the theme, promote fresh standardization, day sales reached 180 thousand, and the Jingdong to do daily sales of this for 7 years.

multi-point why can do in the next 2 hours after the arrival of the user in the hands of the


the answer is by teaming up with a large number of stores Wumart, in storage, picking, through technical support to improve the operational efficiency of warehousing and Wumart stores, and build their own positions in front, let the goods from the user a step closer to 2 hours of service to become reality.

is due to wind speed, to provide quality products and services, the number of users more soaring in the establishment of a year. As of June 30, 2016, the number of users reached more than 6 million, of which more than 50% from Beijing, about 3 million 530 thousand people, in addition to the headquarters of Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Tianjin is also the focus of the layout of the city. It is worth mentioning that, in this year’s eleven double promotion, multi-point remote orders, GMV new record highs.

really scarce is a successful business model

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