Good music to buy Li Shubin vertical electricity supplier why not scam


" is a reference to electricity supplier Sina Technology launched a focus on the electricity supplier industry, the focus of enterprise, focus focus section, hope that through the depth interpretation of the current development strategy, business enterprise management mode and development direction of the electricity supplier industry situation and breakthrough on the road.

2010 is the vertical electric hot development time by Amazon (micro-blog) acquisition of ZAPPOS, China also blew up a vertical footwear business trend, with two was the most well-known is the Baidu (micro-blog) former executives founded letao (micro-blog), and with the traditional industry experience lumng + Internet entrepreneur Li Shubin founded the good music to buy.

1 years after the two companies

infighting, the capital of winter comes suddenly. Amoy network Bi Sheng industry at the time of the lowest out of the "vertical electricity supplier is a scam" remarks, and in the six months after the transition to become a high-profile original Internet brand, a road on the platform and different. During this period, good music to buy into silence.

vertical footwear B2C this business can not do? Listen to good music to buy CEO Li Shubin how to say.

calculate an account


Bi Sheng said vertical electricity supplier is a scam? A group of cost he gave was: one-way logistics reverse logistics 10%+ 3%+ 10%+ storage 1%+ technology 4%+ customer service management 10%+ marketing 10%+ 2%+ packaging collection fee of about 1%=50%, and the electricity supplier industry to more than 50% margin categories is very small, the price war under the gross margin of only 10%, 40% how can the loss is a business


although Li Shubin is not willing to directly comment on past competitors, can not give the exact number of good music to buy, but he is still the industry as a whole, the normal average to give examples.

1, one-way logistics (shipping costs, including the cost of customer rejection) less than:5%. Now the city express only a few dollars, foreign built many warehouse is to the nearest delivery, if calculated according to the price of 300 yuan, the one-way logistics cost will not exceed 15 yuan (this is a very high figure), which is less than 5%.

2, storage (rent, personnel, utilities costs):3%. In Beijing, for example, warehouse of 10 thousand square meters, if a warehouse day is 0.8 yuan a square meters, ten thousand square meters is 8000 yuan, you can put 500 thousand pairs of shoes, and then the poor efficiency can also send 4000 single (this was the lowest efficiency), issued 4000 orders of 60 people, each with high salary 4000 yuan per month plus performance calculation, day personnel cost is 8000 yuan, plus an additional cost of 8000 yuan out of order (such as hydropower management, etc.), warehousing day fee is 24000 yuan, according to 4000 calculation, per unit cost is 6 yuan, plus other possible fees for calculation 8 yuan (the number is higher), calculated according to the price of 300 yuan, the cost is less than 3%.


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