24 tickets into the capital chain crisis, buy site

in early 2010 began to appear and wantonly soaring, but in late 2011, a large area of the performance decline of the capital chain, closed group purchase websites such as many sites and no flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, through the winter of 2011. From late 2011, 24 coupons on the frequency of violent layoffs, default businessman tail section to other news, during the Spring Festival, is also the first even not settle the situation, many businesses began to refuse through 24 group purchase coupons coupons, leading to customer losses. According to the analysis of online stakeholders, this is due to the problem of 24 bond financing, capital chain caused by broken chain. It is not only the 24 group purchase coupons, many other sites also have a similar situation, such as before the famous Groupon etc..

famous buy site even so, not to mention some of the small and medium sites. According to sources, as of September 2011 and nearly 1000 buy site collapse or transformation. However, many funded group purchase sites such as Wo Wo Group, handle network and other industry giants still live in moist, known as the "landlord network group purchase". Don’t experience group purchase website really mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, only a small number of remaining started early, well capitalized "landlord" giant? The way our group purchase network in 2012 and later where


a, fine differentiation market.

everyone wants to keep all the resources in their hands, but only if your hands are big enough. For those giants who have this strength will all the resources are in the hands of small and Medium Group buy site, take the road is undoubtedly a good way out. For example, Ai Group, eLong buy, where the mission, etc., they use their own advantages, only to do their own advantages of the product, the same live very moist. I believe that for those smaller, less capital is so strong buy site, you can be more subdivided, do a good job, not necessarily with the ability to compete with large sites. For example, now some small group purchase site only Home Furnishing supplies, a month can group 2000 mop.

two, part of the transformation or transformation into a living portal.

simple network group purchase domestic pre development without any Huaquanxiutui, all rely on the money to drop, it can be said that such practices are very dangerous, once the financing of any problems may lead to sites in peril, 24 coupons is the best example. Relatively speaking, or those who are not purely buy site, such as Sohu to buy, some local portals, forums and other groups are living more comfortable than simply buy network. The main reason is that they have a certain foundation users, do not have to spend too much to accumulate customers can do. For those who have a period of time is difficult to continue the life type of group purchase website, a large number of customer information may only benefit is spend a lot of money to drop out of life, this time to make a transition part of the portal cooperation local life portal or around the larger does not lose for a good destination.


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