Case study of e-commerce for special products Moutai’s e-commerce

with the Internet and broadband technology application of mature, and improve the logistics and payment system, e-commerce will become the mainstream of the popularization of the Internet, and become an important form of social business activities.

analysis pointed out that the rapid growth of e-commerce is due to the trend of the development of the Internet, e-commerce needs to have long-term goals and plans. The nature of e-commerce retail, e-commerce is creating a global retail channel, is a long-term accumulation of customers, cultivate the habit of customers to use the platform, the sooner the field occupy the highest point of e-commerce, more conducive to seize market share.


wine in the wine industry is engaged in electronic commerce e-commerce originator, Moutai Why walk in front of the counterparts? Because Moutai has a complete set of e-commerce strategy (SkyCenter framework): brand communication network -> grasp the consumer resources -> establishment of B2C ecological chain (official website direct sales, distribution network and brand communication) -> with the purchase, through the whole process of consumer decision-making process, promote enterprise brand image and grasp the main sales to consumers, based on brand image and brand value for consumers, so that consumers understand fully the enterprise brand, e-commerce through the official website direct sales, network distribution way, solve the conflict of interests and the agents, distributors and other sales channels the use of agents, distributors, sales channels such as the advantages of the greatest degree, with minimum cost, to seize the market Share, to become the industry leader in electronic commerce.


electronic commerce have real product establishments, using its own platform advantages and agents, vendors selling channel advantages, to attract consumers to online sales, to create a network of retail channels, to achieve a win-win situation, can provide a solid foundation for the diversification of products. Able to operate on the Internet to provide professional products, human nature to provide a strong quality assurance, from a single product sales expanded to a diversified online sales model. Through the diversification of product promotion, chain promotion, business and other means to join, there will be supply and sales network advantage businessmen together to expand the scale of publicity and promotion, the formation of a good brand, increase merchandise sales credit and turnover rate, form their own brand and sales barriers, to maintain the existing advantages, the Internet consumption concept, expand the characteristics of product sales and service extension.

analysis of Moutai Moutai, Moutai development direction and the direction of the development of e-commerce, e-commerce need to focus on the following points:

(a), the development of e-commerce in the next three to five years of the target

1 to build brands, to seize market share;

2 accumulation of users and user habits.

(two), and avoid conflicts of interests of dealers, how to arouse the enthusiasm of dealers in the avoidance and contradiction of the interests of dealers, distributors and channels to promote the full benefits of quality service to provide customers with



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