Ningmei Guo led upright double eleven day group fun

Ningmei Guo love "show of affection" in the industry is already well known, the school season, lemon gaming alliance, computer festival, 618 years to promote a decline. The upcoming "double eleven" no doubt have a wave. In recent days, Ningmei Guo has a large coffee brand joint industry formed a hitherto unknown "blunt day mission", ready to double eleven show of affection, send welfare.


upright day mission, a clear stream of electricity market

What brand of

group members? The first simple count, live world childe panda TV, global hardware software giant Intel, Microsoft world overlord, computer hardware expert Tt, storage master jinteco, display love gangster attack, peripherals synonymous with Logitech, the upstart Dalang gaming chair. These highly influential brand in the industry will join Ningmei Guo technology show SHOW, PLAY upright "double eleven carnival. While the United States will Ning brand group is defined as a blunt day group.

The significance of

is not upright concept and then to implement, but the first implementation to do. Over the past few years, the dual eleven, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States joint action group. Whether in quantity, quality, duration of welfare or in the number of dimensions, are worthy of the upright. After several years of sedimentation, Ningmei Guo decided to double this year eleven set upright day mission, together to create a stream in electricity market.


upright days show affection, simple and rough

traditional sense, show affection is a sensitive and unfriendly things in eleven during the double, but Ningmei Guo is in the subversion of this kind of thinking. Because when the injury completely imaginary change into welfare, vouchers, gift, red envelopes to send non-stop, this time they resist will become a tough thing, do this day is blunt Ningmei Guo led group. According to hearsay, they have prepared a qianwanji welfare package, going all out "Prodigal".


eight brands in Ningmei Guo double eleven "science and technology SHOW, upright PLAY", for endorsement, one hand to show the appeal of Ningmei Guo in the industry, on the other hand also convey the signal activity attractive. So Ningmei Guo double eleven day mission, upright has been starting, will you go to


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